Washer Dryer Combos

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Our curated selection of Washer Dryer Combos is unparalleled, ensuring that everyone, from the first-time buyer to the seasoned homeowner, finds the perfect fit for their home.

Washer Dryer Combos by Washer Capacity

Understanding washer capacity is fundamental for anyone who wants to optimize their laundry routine. It's not just about the size of the machine, it's about the efficiency, time saved, and the overall convenience offered. The capacity of a washer directly affects the volume of laundry it can handle in a single cycle. Opting for the right capacity means fewer wash cycles, saving time and energy.

Let us help you navigate the options based on capacity:

1.5 - 2 cu. ft

Tailored for the modern urbanite, these combos are a godsend for singles or couples residing in cozy apartments or studios. Their compact design is perfect for fitting into limited spaces, yet they're designed with enough prowess to handle daily laundry needs.

2 - 2.5 cu. ft

A step up in size and utility, these combos cater to small families or those who have a moderate amount of laundry. It's also perfect for those who don't often find themselves washing bulky items. Their slightly larger capacity ensures a balance between size and performance.

2.5 - 3 cu. ft

This range caters to the heart of the market. It's the go-to size for most average-sized families. With the ability to handle the usual laundry loads and then some—including heavier items like plush towels and soft bed linens—it's designed for versatile use.

4.5 - 5 cu. ft

Enter the realm of heavy-duty washing! These are the behemoths of the laundry world. Large families or households with frequent heavy laundry loads will find these machines invaluable. They are equipped to handle vast amounts of laundry, from daily wear to bulky items like plush comforters and curtains.

The capacity you choose should align with your lifestyle and laundry habits. At Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center, we understand that every household is unique, and our range of Washer Dryer Combos reflects that diversity.


Washer Dryer Combos by Vent Type

When considering the purchase of a Washer Dryer Combo, it's not just about the capacity or the design, but also about the venting system it uses. The vent type can play a pivotal role in how efficient the machine operates, where it can be placed in your home, and what kind of installation might be required. Let's delve deeper into the two primary venting options:

Vented Combo

As the name suggests, vented combos are designed to release the moisture extracted from the drying clothes directly outside your home through an external vent. Here are some features and considerations:


Vented systems tend to dry clothes more rapidly than their ventless counterparts. The direct expulsion of moisture ensures that the drying process is swift.


While they can be efficient, they necessitate a venting system installation in your home, which can limit where you place the appliance. 

Moisture Control 

By directly venting the moisture outside, these machines can be beneficial in regions where humidity control is crucial.

Ventless Combos 

An innovative solution for spaces that cannot accommodate external venting, ventless systems offer a different approach:

Placement Flexibility 

Their primary advantage is versatility. Without the need for an external vent, they can be installed in various locations within a home, even in spaces without direct exterior access.

Condensation Process 

These machines use a heat exchanger mechanism. This cools the warm, moist air inside the dryer, condensing the water vapor. The resultant water is then either channeled away through a drain pipe or collected in a tank that you'll periodically empty. 

Energy Efficiency

Often, ventless systems can be more energy-efficient, as they reuse some of the heat they produce. However, the drying time might be a tad longer than vented systems.

The choice between vented and ventless boils down to your home's layout, your installation preferences, and your drying efficiency priorities. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center offers both options, ensuring that every customer finds a solution tailored to their specific needs. Dive into our collection and select a Washer Dryer Combo that aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle!


Washer Dryer Combos by Washer Size

Selecting the right Washer Dryer Combo isn't just about its functions or vent type, the physical size of the machine plays a pivotal role, especially when considering where it will fit in your home. Each size category caters to different spaces and laundry needs. Let’s explore the options:

Small Combos

  • Space Savers - Designed with space efficiency in mind, these are a perfect match for homes where every inch counts. Whether you're in a studio apartment, a compact city condo, or a tiny home, these machines ensure that you don't have to compromise on functionality due to space constraints.
  • Ease of Installation - Their smaller footprint means easier installation and maneuverability, allowing you to position them in tight nooks or crannies without much hassle.

Average Combos

  • Versatile Fit - Representing the most common size range, these combos seamlessly fit into a vast majority of homes. They are designed to comfortably nestle into typical laundry rooms, basements, or even spacious closets.
  • Balanced Performance - While they offer a generous drum size for regular laundry needs, they still maintain a balanced profile, ensuring they don’t overpower your space.

Extra Large Combos

  • Laundry Powerhouses - These are the juggernauts of the laundry world. If you find yourself dealing with heaps of laundry every week, perhaps due to a bustling family life or the need to wash larger items like comforters, these machines are your go-to.
  • Space Requirements - Their larger capacity comes with a more substantial physical size, so ensure you have ample space in your home. They're best suited for spacious laundry rooms or areas where you can accommodate their bigger dimensions.

The size of your Washer Dryer Combo should resonate with both your laundry needs and the space you have available. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center’s diverse range ensures that no matter your requirements, you'll find a machine that feels like it was custom-made for your home. Dive into our selection and make a choice that brings both efficiency and harmony to your laundry routine!


Washer Dryer Combos by Dryer Capacity

The efficiency of your laundry process isn't just determined by how well your clothes are washed, but also by how effectively they are dried. When it comes to Washer Dryer Combos, striking a balance between washing and drying capacities is key to ensuring a smooth laundry experience. Let’s break down the different drying capacities available:

Less than 2 cu. ft

  • Compact Efficiency - These dryers are designed for those who don't have heavy laundry demands. They're ideal for individuals, couples, or small families where laundry days are less frequent or the loads are smaller.
  • Space-conscious - With their compact design, they easily fit into tighter spaces, making them a prime choice for apartments, condos, or small homes.

2 - 4 cu.ft

  • Middle Ground - This is the range that most households will find themselves gravitating towards. Offering a blend of performance and size, these dryers can efficiently handle the laundry needs of an average family.
  • Versatility - They're versatile enough to manage both daily wear and slightly heavier items, ensuring that whether it's a pile of everyday clothes or a week's worth of bed linens, your laundry needs are met with ease.

4 - 6 cu.ft

  • Laundry Champions - For those who find laundry baskets filling up faster than they'd like, or households with a need to wash larger items like duvets and comforters, this capacity range is the solution. They're designed to manage larger loads, offering quicker turnaround times for busy families.
  • Space Consideration - With the increased capacity comes a larger size, so ensure you have a dedicated space that can comfortably house these larger units.

When choosing a Washer Dryer Combo, it's essential to look beyond just the washing aspect. Drying capacity plays a crucial role in the overall efficiency and satisfaction of your laundry process.


Maintaining Tips for Washer Dryer Combo

Unlock the full potential and longevity of your Washer Dryer Combo with these essential care tips. Start by frequently clearing the lint filter, a small step that massively boosts efficiency and ensures safety. When it comes to detergent, precision is key—too much can hinder performance, so always opt for the golden mean. Regularly inspect the drum, ensuring it's free of stray items like coins or buttons because your machine deserves a clutter-free environment. 

Mold doesn't stand a chance when you give the door seal a regular wipe-down. And for that pristine, fresh-from-the-store feeling, treat your machine to a monthly spa day with a specialty cleaner or a refreshing blend of white vinegar and baking soda. Elevate your laundry experience and let your machine shine!

Preparing for Washer Dryer Combo Installation

Welcoming a Washer Dryer Combo into your home is an exciting venture, yet proper preparation remains essential. The installation process, when done with precision and foresight, can pave the way for years of hassle-free operation. Here's how to lay the perfect foundation:

  • Dimensional Due Diligence - Before you even purchase your unit, measure your intended space meticulously. It's not merely about the base dimensions; remember to account for door swing, ventilation, and easy access for maintenance.
  • Power Source Perusal - Your electrical outlets need to be up to snuff. Make sure they match your machine's requirements, both in terms of voltage and plug type. This ensures safety and prevents potential electrical hiccups.
  • Venting Vision - If your heart is set on a vented model, it's crucial to pre-plan the venting route. This proactive step not only ensures effective drying but also adheres to safety standards, preventing potential moisture build-up or hazards.
  • Manual Mastery - While it might seem tedious, diving deep into the manufacturer’s manual before installation can save a lot of time. It's packed with bespoke guidelines, tips, and tricks tailored for your specific model.
  • Professional's Perspective - There's a world of difference between a DIY setup and a professionally handled installation. Experts come equipped with experience, ensuring that every cable, pipe, and vent is perfectly positioned for optimal performance.

Proper preparation transcends the immediate installation process. It's about ensuring that every laundry cycle, from the first to the thousandth, runs smoothly and efficiently. By setting the stage correctly, your Washer Dryer Combo will reward you with consistent, top-tier performance.

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