1. Delivering a WOW EXPERIENCE through service. Our mission is to make our customers feel SPECIAL.
  2. We don’t just think of selling… we think of SOLVING. We anticipate our customers’ needs. ALWAYS.  Everyone sells the same product… the only real differentiator for our company is the experience, the process and the HUMAN TOUCH.
  3. We Listen closely and ACT swiftly. We understand that time is money and we respect that your time is valuable. We will NEVER waste it.
  4. We ask more of ourself and do more than is required. Our team members have a real intrapreneurial spirit and ATTITUDE.  They are creative and innovative and focus all their energy to make all our customers’ lives EASIER.          
  5. We embrace and drive change. Our philosophy is to pursue growth through learning. We educate our customers and LEARN from them as well.
  6. Delivering VALUE. We sell best-in-class merchandise at a reasonable profit. Everyone wants a deal.  We will ALWAYS be competitive, but we won’t stay in business long if we give it away or be able to offer the service we do.
  7. Transparency and Ethics above all. 
  8. Quality in EVERYTHING. People. Product. Service. Knowhow
  9. Be Passionate. Be Determined. Be humble
  10. One SIZE does not fit ALL. Our customers are NOT A NUMBER.  Everyone’s needs are unique, so should the solution we offer.