The old school cooking appliances of yore are truly a thing of the past.  The kitchen of your childhood was mostly a utilitarian food production center hidden from public view. Today it’s often a spectacular social and entertainment centerpiece of a home used more than the living room. 

Today's oven, stove, refrigeration and clean up options, offer near infinite computerized high tech features that will absolutely astound you. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center’s team of advisors have the training and expertise to help you navigate the sea of choices in smart cooking, refrigeration and clean up appliances.

Boasting the widest selection of brands available Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center’s immersive showroom environments enable you to LIVE in the kitchen of your dreams.

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We understand the emotional connection a homeowner can have with their cooking appliances, which is precisely why we carry the largest selection of premium brands on the market.

From state-of-the art induction cooktops and all-in-one kitchen ranges, to smart double ovens and wall ovens with built in microwaves and warming drawers, visiting our kitchen vignettes is a sensory experience to behold.

The Featured Premium Brands: Miele. SUB-ZERO | WOLF. KitchenAid. Jenn-Air. Thermador. Bosch. Gaggenau. Viking.

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The modern refrigerator is truly a near sentient assistant in your food preparation process.  It’s not just about keeping food fresh so your ingredients are ready whenever you need them.

Today’s built in units are a delicate balance of form following function, creating a sleek addition to your modern kitchen environment all the while keeping your perishables well organized, fresh and easy to clean up after.
If you’ve been searching for that state-of-art marvel to integrate seamlessly into your new kitchen, look no further than Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center with the largest selection of brands and models in Southern California.  We offer a near infinite range of styles and finishes from side-by-side freestanding refrigerators to the most sophisticated, high-end built-ins  which can be paired with your custom hardware and facings to create the kitchen of your dreams.

The Featured Premium Brands:  Miele. SUB-ZERO. KitchenAid. Jenn-Air. Thermador. Bosch. Gaggenau. Viking. Dacor. BlueStar.  Monogram. LG. Samsung. True.

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Cook more. Clean less. Whatever mess happens in your kitchen, be it that hard-as-a-rock encrusted casserole pan and burnt pot to the finest china and stem glassware, let your dishwasher do the dirty work for you.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center not only offers dishwasher designed to be heavy duty, reliable and easy to use, boasting the most advanced features available today, but we carry some of the most water and energy efficient brands and models on the planet as well.

The Featured Premium Brands: Miele. Asko. KitchenAid. Jenn-Air. Thermador. Bosch. Gaggenau. Viking. Monogram. LG. Samsung. Whirlpool. Cove. 

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Erase any trace of your latest magnum opus with garbage disposal units that can handle virtually anything you throw at them. With Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center’s line of food waste disposers, you’ll not only discover appliances with thehorse power to cut through the toughestfoods, but heavy duty tools that are quiet too.

Nothing Grinds More With Less Noise

The Featured Premium Brands: Insinkerator. KitchenAid. Whirlpool. Franke.

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In the heart of every home, the kitchen stands as a hub of culinary creativity and daily sustenance. Among the essential elements in this gastro haven, kitchen sinks play a pivotal role. They are not only functional necessities, but also design statements that contribute to the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

The Featured Premium Brands: Alfri, Barclay, Dombracht. Newport Brass.

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