A range is vital in any kitchen. Whether you’re a keen home cook or prepare simple dishes, you’ll need a reliable range to bring your recipe to life. There is a variety of styles, fuel types and sizes of range, making it easier to find the ideal model for your home. 

To help find your ideal range for your kitchen, it's important to keep in mind that the range not only fits your cooking needs but also matches the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. an informed and inspired decision. Let us help you navigate through it all.

Electric Ranges + Gas Ranges

This type of range works with electricity, providing one of the easiest to clean and convenient options. Electric ranges work by radiating heat from the ceramic range top. Most models have a smooth cooktop, which makes wiping up any spills simple.

Since this does not require any gas line, electric ranges are a good option for those homeowners who do not have a gas connection.

Gas is the traditional fuel source for ranges, and it is considered a pro style choice. In fact, in many commercial kitchens, gas is the preferred fuel option. Gas ranges can work with gas lines or using gas cylinders, providing consistent heat.

Gas ranges have evolved a great deal in recent years. Traditional gas ranges typically feature a cooktop with four burners; two small and two large, but there are now also models with five, six or more burners or varying sizes. This makes it easier to match the size of your pot or pan with an appropriately sized burner for the best cooking results, regardless of whether you’re cooking a small family dinner or for a big occasion.


Dual Fuel Ranges + Induction Ranges

As the name suggests, dual fuel ranges have a combination of electric oven and gas cooktop, allowing you to enjoy the best of both cooking worlds. You can use the heat and control of a gas cooktop, with the dry, even heat of an electric oven. This provides the responsiveness of gas when you’re cooking on the stovetop and oven conditions to promote crisping and browning.

Induction is a relatively new type of option for kitchen ranges, but it has become increasingly popular. It uses electromagnetism to generate heat to warm the pan, offering faster cooking speeds since there is less wasted energy.

Induction works in a similar way to the other cooking ranges, but it provides an evenly heated cook surface with greater temperature control.


Freestanding Ranges + Slide In Ranges

These types of ranges have a single unit housing a cooktop and an oven, but they are not built into your counters or cabinetry. A freestanding range can vary in height and width, so you can find one to suit the space in your kitchen, but since it is freestanding, it can become a feature in your kitchen design.

Slide in ranges are designed to smoothly slide in between cabinets to create a built in, seamless look. The controls are at the front for ease of reaching and as they do not feature a back guard, they are ideal for kitchens with decorative backsplashes or a kitchen island installation.


Commercial Style Ranges

Commercial style ranges take their inspiration to the units used in restaurants and commercial kitchens. They have a combination of high-end designs with premium features, so you can recreate a pro style cooking experience in your own home.

These appliances are typically available in wider widths compared to standard range models and they often feature high BTU burners, and griddle inserts with commercial styling touches such as heavy-duty grates, large control knobs and an expanded choice of finish options. 

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center offers a comprehensive collection of ranges from leading brands to help you to find the perfect option for your kitchen.