Built in Grills

The modern culinary landscape is witnessing an evolution – an evolution where the kitchen isn't confined within four walls, but extends into the great outdoors. At the heart of this transformation is the outdoor living kitchen built-in grill. This isn’t just about cooking, it's about an experience, a lifestyle, and a statement.

BUILT-IN GRILLS by Grill Types

In the expansive world of grilling, different chefs and enthusiasts have varying preferences, especially when it comes to the source of that delightful flame. At the heart of this distinction lies the choice of grill types. Let's embark on this flavorful journey with the most authentic and traditional type - the Charcoal Built-in Grill.

For centuries, charcoal has been the fuel of choice for grill masters. There's something magical about the crackling sound of charcoal, the rich aroma it imparts, and the dance of the flames. When this age-old tradition is coupled with modern design in the form of a built-in grill, it results in a culinary masterpiece both in taste and aesthetics.

Why Charcoal?

  • Unparalleled Flavor - Charcoal grills have a loyal following primarily because of the distinct smoky flavor they infuse into the food. This flavor, born from the combination of natural wood charcoal and the juices dripping from the food, is truly hard to replicate with any other fuel source.
  • High Heat Capabilities - Charcoal can achieve very high temperatures, ideal for searing meats to perfection. This high heat locks in the juices and gives the meat a delightful crust.
  • Control Over Heat Zones - With a charcoal grill, chefs have the flexibility to create different heat zones. You can pile charcoal on one side for high, direct heat and leave the other side with less charcoal for indirect, slower cooking.

Modern Innovations in Charcoal Built-in Grills

The charcoal grills of today aren't the same as the ones our grandparents used. Modern charcoal built-in grills come equipped with features like:

  • Adjustable Charcoal Trays - Allows for controlling the distance between the charcoal and the food, thus managing the heat intensity.
  • Built-in Thermometers - For precise temperature monitoring.
  • Easy Ash Removal Systems - Making the cleanup process a breeze.
  • Ventilation Controls - For better heat and smoke management.


BUILT-IN GRILLS by Number of Burners

In the universe of grilling, a vital element that often gets overshadowed by discussions of fuel types or technologies is the number of burners. This seemingly simple choice determines a grill's capacity, flexibility, and overall cooking experience. But how does one gauge the ideal number? Let's dive into the specifics of how different burner counts cater to varying grilling needs.

Burner Grills - Cozy and Compact

For those who cherish solitude or have smaller families, a one-burner built-in grill is a match made in heaven. It’s compact, energy-efficient, and perfect for those laid-back, intimate BBQ evenings. While its cooking area is limited, it provides just the right amount of space to grill a couple of steaks or some fresh veggies.

Burner Grills - The Versatile Performer

A two-burner grill is where versatility meets convenience. It provides distinct grilling zones, allowing you to sear a piece of fish on one side while simultaneously grilling vegetables on the other at a lower temperature. It's an ideal choice for those who love experimenting with diverse dishes but don't necessarily need a vast grilling expanse.

Burner Grills - The Middle Ground

If you're someone who frequently entertains guests or has a medium-sized family, a three-burner grill can be your trusty ally. It offers more space and distinct heat zones, ensuring that your food cooks evenly. Whether it's a family reunion or a weekend gathering, this grill ensures that everyone's food preferences are catered to.

Burner Grills - The Party Specialist

For those who find joy in hosting, the four-burner grill is a dream. Its ample cooking space ensures no guest waits too long. Its multiple burners can simultaneously cater to a variety of foods, from burgers to corn, from ribs to asparagus. A four-burner grill promises efficiency and a gourmet experience, making you the star of your BBQ parties.

Burner Grills - The Culinary Powerhouse

These grills are for the aficionados, the ultimate BBQ enthusiasts. If you're looking to grill an elaborate spread or host grand parties, look no further. With 5 or 6 burners, not only do you get extensive cooking space, but you also get the flexibility to create diverse heat zones, ensuring each dish gets the attention it deserves.

The essence of grilling lies in sharing joy, and the number of burners you choose plays a pivotal role in this experience. Whether you're a minimalist or a grand host, there's a built-in grill out there tailored just for you. And with Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center by your side, you're always one step closer to your dream grilling experience.


BUILT-IN GRILLS by Grill Assembly

Navigating the vast realm of built-in grills can be a thrilling journey. Beyond the type and number of burners, a factor often overlooked is how your grill arrives and the ease of its assembly. The manner in which a grill is designed for assembly not only speaks to convenience but also to the user experience it promises.

Quick Assembly Grills - For the Eager Grillmasters

Once you have your grill, you want to fire it up as soon as possible. The quick assembly grills come to your rescue here. These models are partially assembled, allowing for an expedited setup process. Most of the major components are pre-installed, which means you're just a few steps away from grilling once it arrives at your doorstep. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to keep their barbecue cravings waiting.

Pre-Assembled Grills - Unbox and Grill On

The epitome of convenience in the grilling world is the pre-assembled grill. Once integrated into your outdoor kitchen space, it’s ready to roar. For grill enthusiasts who want to sidestep the process of piecing things together or those short on time, this is an ideal choice. Just ensure your outdoor space is prepped and ready, and your grill will seamlessly slide into its new home.

Full Assembly Required Grills - Crafting Your Personal Culinary Station

For the DIY enthusiasts or those who have a distinct vision for their outdoor kitchen, grills requiring full assembly are a blessing. While the process might be more intricate and time-consuming, it offers a unique opportunity. You can customize your setup, understand your grill's mechanics, and experience a true sense of achievement once it's up and running. It's about being involved in the journey from unboxing to the first flame.

The process of setting up your grill is more than just a functional step, it's the preamble to countless memories and gourmet delights. Whether you're someone who relishes the journey of assembly or seeks instant grilling gratification, there's a grill tailored for you.

BUILT-IN GRILLS by Energy Source

A grill's heartbeat is the energy source that fuels it. From the iconic aroma of charcoal to the rapid readiness of electric, the energy source of your built-in grill not only influences the cooking process but also the flavors and the overall grilling experience. As you plan your outdoor culinary oasis, understanding the pros and cons of each energy source becomes pivotal. Here’s a closer look at the most popular energy sources available in the world of built-in grills.

Charcoal - Savoring Tradition One Grill at a Time

For many, the very essence of barbecue resonates with the smoldering embers of charcoal. A charcoal grill isn’t just about cooking, it's an experience, a ritual.

Pros -

  • Authentic Flavor - Charcoal imparts a smoky richness that's tough to match. The dripping juices from the food create smoke when they hit the charcoal, further enhancing the flavor.
  • High Heat - Charcoal grills can achieve high temperatures, ideal for searing meats to perfection.

Cons -

  • Preparation Time - Lighting and letting the charcoal reach the ideal temperature can take time.
  • Cleanup - Ash residue requires regular cleaning to maintain optimal performance.

Electric Grills - Modern Convenience Meets Grilling

No charcoal, no gas, just plug in and you're on your way to a delightful barbecue session. Electric grills are gaining traction, especially in urban spaces where open flames might be restricted.

Pros -

  • Quick Start - With a simple turn of a knob and a short preheat time, you're ready to grill.
  • Consistent Temperature - Electric grills maintain consistent temperatures, making it easier to cook various dishes.
  • Space-Efficient - Many electric grills are compact, making them suitable for balconies and small patios.

Cons -

  • Flavor Profile - While they offer convenience, electric grills may not replicate the deep smoky flavor of charcoal or gas grills.

Propane Grills - The Balance of Convenience and Authenticity

A staple in many backyards, propane grills offer a harmonious blend of the traditional grilling experience with modern ease.

Pros -

  • Immediate Heat - Turn it on, let it preheat for a few minutes, and you’re set.
  • Flavor - While not as smoky as charcoal, propane grills still offer a flavorful result.
  • Temperature Control - Easily adjustable flame levels allow for versatile cooking, from searing to slow roasting.

Cons -

  • Refueling - While swapping out propane tanks is straightforward, it's an extra step to keep in mind.
  • Cost - Over time, refilling propane might be costlier than electricity, depending on local rates.

The energy source of your built-in grill sets the tone for your barbecue sessions. Whether you’re chasing the nostalgia of charcoal, the convenience of electric, or the balanced allure of propane, there's a grill out there crafted just for you.


Maintaining Tips for BUILT-IN GRILLS

When it comes to enjoying savory barbecues year after year, ensuring the longevity of your built-in grill becomes paramount. Like any premium appliance, built-in grills thrive on regular care and attention. Adopting a proactive maintenance routine can enhance the grill's performance, ensuring consistent flavors and extending its lifespan.

Embrace Routine Cleaning - A Simple Ritual, A Lasting Impact

  • For Charcoal Grills
    • Ash Management - Post every grilling session, once the grill has cooled down, make it a habit to remove ash. This not only prevents blockages, but also ensures efficient airflow for future use.
    • Grease Handling - Ensure the grease tray or bucket is emptied regularly. Grease accumulation can lead to flare-ups and unwanted smoky flavors.
  • For Gas and Electric Grills
    • Grease Management - The grease management system in these grills is designed for safety and efficiency. By emptying the grease tray and cleaning the catch pan, you reduce fire risks.

Safeguard Your Grill - Shielding against Nature's Whims

Even though built-in grills are designed to seamlessly integrate into outdoor settings, they aren’t immune to the weather.

  • Grill Covers - Investing in a high-quality grill cover ensures protection against rain, UV rays, dust, and even critters. It keeps your grill pristine and ready for the next barbecue.

Keep an Eye on Burners and Ignition Systems

  • Gas and Electric Grills
    • Burner Inspection - Burners are the heart of your grill. Check for any irregular flames or cold spots. Clean blocked portholes using a wire brush.
    • Ignition Check - Ensure the ignition system lights up efficiently. For piezo ignitions, listen for a crisp clicking sound.

The Grate Debate - Cleanliness is Flavor

The grill grates are where the culinary magic happens.

  • Post-Cooking Ritual - Once you've finished grilling and while the grates are still warm, use a grill brush to scrub off food residues. This prevents buildup and ensures a non-stick surface for the next cookout.

Periodic Inspections - Stay Ahead of Wear and Tear

  • Exterior Check - Examine the grill's exterior for signs of rust, discoloration, or chipping.
  • Component Examination - Periodically inspect components like the drip tray, heat shields, and flavorizer bars, especially if your grill is exposed to harsh weather or coastal areas.

At Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center, we believe in empowering our customers with not only the finest outdoor living kitchen grilling solutions, but also the knowledge to maintain them. Our team of experts is always ready to offer insights, tips, and product recommendations tailored for your grill. When you think of enduring performance and impeccable maintenance, go where the PROS GO for their own clients, Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center.