The modern cooking space requires proper ventilation, and a powerful range hood will help you achieve this goal. Range hoods suck the airborne grease, steam and smoke from the area above your cooktop or range, keeping kitchen air fresh while promoting cleanliness. For all your hood needs, consider Zephyr Ventillation. 

Since 1997, Zephyr has offered premium range hoods with elegant, artful designs, bringing peak luxury to the contemporary kitchen. As one of the few premium manufacturers dedicated solely to range hood design, Zephyr's offerings boast powerful functions in attractive packages, featuring quiet operation and professional-grade components that bring superior ventilation to both the kitchen and the outdoor living space

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is a proud retailer of Zephyr range hoods, keeping your indoor and outdoor cooking areas properly ventilated with ease.

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Kitchen Range Hoods

Zephyr range hoods exude luxury style without sacrificing performance, providing superior ventilation support that maintains exceptional air quality within the kitchen. Zephyr produces under cabinet hoods, island hoods, downdraft hoods, wall mount hoods and cabinet insert hoods, allowing you to choose the perfect unit based on your space's specific layout and needs. 

Outdoor Range Hoods

Outdoor cooking spaces require fresh air, and Zephyr's outdoor range hoods promote superior air quality and cleanliness. The brand's outdoor hoods come in a variety of sizes, styles and designs, ensuring you discover the ideal solution for your location.