Modern home appliances should be advanced, not complex — a notion that Whirlpool brings to life in each and every one of its laundry and kitchen appliances. 

Whirlpool appliances are designed with sophistication and simplicity in mind, providing all the powerful functions you need alongside impressive ease of use. The brand manufactures a host of laundry products, including all common varieties of washers and dryers, as well as kitchen products like refrigerators, dishwashers, and cooking appliances. Thanks to efficient designs and impressive usability, Whirlpool appliances are an ideal addition to any home. 

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is a proud retailer of Whirlpool home appliances, offering a vast selection of the best products for the contemporary living space.


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The modern home requires a steady supply of clean clothing, bedding, towels, and more. Whirlpool washers are designed with ease of use in mind, while offering a host of powerful wash cycles to eradicate deep stains and odors with ease.


After your wash cycle, it's time for the dryer to complete the laundry process. Whirlpool dryers work efficiently and effectively, providing the proper level of care to ensure your items are prepared for everyday use. 


Your kitchen requires proper food storage and organization, and Whirlpool refrigerators are sure to meet your needs. The brand's refrigerators are available in a variety of designs, including premium French door and side-by-side styles, in order to match any kitchen aesthetic. Whirlpool even produces specialty refrigerators to meet more specific needs.


Dishwashers bring modern convenience to the kitchen, effortlessly cleaning plates, glasses, utensils, and cookware. Whirlpool dishwashers offer advanced features and functions that ensure your dishes are spotless after each wash cycle.

Cooking Appliances

Whirlpool cooking appliances can help you cook a wealth of culinary creations, from family favorites to exciting new meals. The brand produces powerful cooktops and wall ovens, as well as cooking ranges, offering the powerful cooking appliances you need for boiling, broiling, baking, and more.