Signature Kitchen Suite

Signature Kitchen Suite is a luxury kitchen appliance brand that has been built from the ground up since 2017. With the backing of LG Electronics, the brand has built a U.S. team of the best and most experienced minds in the industry. They are committed to excellence, and with their passionate team, with extensive experience in luxury appliances, is highly committed to the designer and home. They put that experience to work challenging the market with innovative thinking, purposeful design and leading-edge technologies that fulfill a home chefs actual needs. The Signature Kitchen Suite brand embraces a new generation of technically savvy, forward-thinking cooks, combining their passion for food with their appreciation of innovation. Signature Kitchen Suite calls them, Technicureans.™ Keeping True to Food,  Signature Kitchen Suite manufactures the best built-in appliances, featuring leading-edge technology that provide more flexibility to prepare food in the best possible way.

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Signature Kitchen Suite

Create the luxury kitchen of your dreams with Signature Kitchen Suite appliances. With Signature Kitchen Suite’s collection of built-in appliances, you’ll experience the ideal fusion of performance and purposeful design. With such a saturated kitchen appliance market, it can be easy to think that every feature has been accounted for. Yet, Signature Kitchen Suite appliances stand apart thanks to their innovative combination of features and technologies, such as sous vide incorporated into their ranges and rangetops and exclusive Smart Knobs™ with built-in timers. 


Better cooking through better thinking

Precision, power, and versatility is Signature Kitchen Suite’s recipe for ensuring everything you make is made in the best way possible. Leading the way is the world’s first pro range with built-in sous vide, the go-to method in many of the world’s best restaurants. The gas Chromium Griddle ensures even heating across the entire surface, guaranteeing that everything is cooked to perfection. The Ultra-High™ Burners deliver professional-level cooking power, while the Ultra-Low™ Burners offer precise temperature control for simmering delicate sauces and desserts.

Also, home chefs will find our Steam-Combi feature allowing for versatile cooking beyond just vegetables. And built to take on the power of our cooking appliances, are our Pro-Style Wall Hoods featuring the innovative WiFi feature, powered by ThinQ.®


Long live freshness

Butcher shops, farmers’ markets, and fish markets have regained popularity and we pay tribute to the artisanal movement by ensuring that everything stays fresh for as long as possible. We lead the way with our panel-ready 48-inch French Door Refrigerator, a Red Dot award winner for its sleek design and innovative features such as a 5-mode Convertible Drawer, Dual Ice maker with Craft Ice, and ample capacity for hosting.

Mix and match our integrated column refrigerators and freezers for the ultimate in personalization, and go well beyond the kitchen with our innovative undercounter refrigerators. With features such as Lift and Go™ bins and drawers, hidden and uniform LED Lighting, Dual Smart Inverter Compressor and all-metal interior, which help to reduce temperature fluctuations, you’ll find our preservation line is dedicated to purposeful design. Our built-in wine columns are designed to precisely preserve wine and utilize our exclusive Wine Cave Technology™ to protect against vibration, light, and fluctuations in temperature and humidity — the four primary threats to wine.


Finishing strong

Purposeful engineering continues beyond cooking with the Signature Kitchen Suite Stainless Steel and Panel-Ready dishwashers. PowerSteam® Technology provides atomized water particles of steam produced by our patented steam generator, making this dishwasher gentle enough for delicate wine stems but tough enough for lipstick and heavy grime. Models featuring the QuadWash® Pro High-Pressure Water Jets system and Dynamic Heat Dry™ technology deliver sparkling dishes in an impressive 1-hour wash and dry cycle.

You’ll also enjoy triple leak protection and one of the quietest dishwashers on the market at 40 dBA for stainless steel and 44 dBA for panel-ready. Besides being energy efficient, our LED interior lighting lets you see every sparkling dish, making the loading and unloading process easier.