Today's homeowners desire style in their kitchen products and cooking appliances, and Gaggenau's impeccable offerings are sure to meet this demand. 

Gaggenau specializes in premium kitchen appliances, embuing each of its units with intelligent design and advanced technology to bring peak performance to the modern home. The brand manufactures cooktops and ovens as well as range hoods, refrigerators and dishwashers. The brand also manufactures microwaves and coffee makers that expand the food and drink possibilities of your kitchen. Gaggenau's sleek, built-in kitchen appliances bring an unmatched level of integrated elegance to your kitchen, making it a truly breathtaking space.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is a proud retailer of Gaggenau appliances, bringing superior performance and style to the contemporary kitchen.


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Cooktops & Ovens

Gaggenau cooktops provide the strong heat source required for a number of differenty types of cooking, with gas, electric and induction cooktops available in a number of specialized designs. Meanwhile, Gaggenau ovens offer the precise temperatures required for baking and broiling a host of classic dishes. The brand even offers steam ovens and warming drawers, bringing additional features to your kitchen.

Range Hoods

Gaggenau range hoods provide the ventilation support your kitchen needs, sucking up smoke, steam and airborne grease created while cooking. The brand manufactures wall mount range hoods, downdraft range hoods and island range hoods, offering the ideal choices for a variety of kitchen layouts.

Refrigerators & Wine Coolers

Thanks to ample storage space and advanced cooling systems, Gaggenau refrigerators are the ideal addition to any luxury kitchen. If you are a wine collector, you can count on a Gaggenau wine cooler to offer the exact temperature and humidity conditions to preserve your wines.


Gaggenau dishwashers are all but guaranteed to reduce the time you spend in the kitchen, effortlessly blasting grease, grime and more from  your dishes and cookware. Moreover, these dishwashers are available in beautiful, built-in designs that bring a seamless, integrated feel to your kitchen.

Microwaves & Coffee Makers

Allow a Gaggenau microwave or coffee maker to expand the cooking capabilities of your kitchen. Gaggenau microwaves provide the fast and efficient cooking functions required for preparing ingredients or heating pre-prepared meals, while Gaggenau coffee makers allow you to conveniently brew delicious coffee, espresso and more from the comfort of your own home.