Today's homes require stunning appliances for indoor and outdoor spaces, and DCS provides both with a superior blend of practical style and advanced design. 

DCS is one of the few premium appliance brands that specializes in both indoor and outdoor appliances. The brand's kitchen product line includes cooking appliances like cooktops, ovens and cooking ranges as well as refrigerators and dishwasher drawers. Meanwhile, it's outdoor living appliances include barbeque grills, outdoor refrigerators and more. Regardless of the living space, you can count on DCS appliances to provide the exact features you require with responsive, easy-to-use controls.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is a proud retailer of DCS appliances, providing the ideal products for both indoor and outdoor cooking spaces.


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Cooking Ranges & Hoods

The modern home cook requires power and control, both of which are provided by DCS cooking ranges. DCS ranges offer finely tuned temperature controls and consistent heat for both the cooktop and oven, allowing you to successfully create a host of delicious dishes. Meanwhile, a DCS range hood can provide the ventilation your kitchen requires, sucking up smoke, steam and other airborne pollutants.

Cooktops & Wall Ovens

DCS gas cooktops are designed with the contemporary kitchen in mind, allowing you to quickly switch between high and low temperatures to achieve the exact results necessary for all types of cooking. The ideal complement to your DCS cooktop is a DCS wall oven, designed to offer the precise, even heat needed for baking and broiling.


DCS refrigerators are designed to keep your food and drinks fresher for longer, and achieve that goal thanks to advanced cooling sytems and superior designs. DCS offers both built-in and freestanding French door refrigerators as well as refrigerated drawers, bringing unique style to the kitchens of today.

Dishwasher Drawers

For fast and effective dishwasing, consider a DCS dishwasher drawer. These unique units are installed under your kitchen counters, with a pull-out design that makes loading and unloading your appliance a breeze. 

Outdoor Living Appliances

Outdoor living spaces deserve premium appliances, and DCS offers the ideal combination of style and power in all its outdoor products. DCS' outdoor living appliance line includes grills, refrigerators and more, allowing you to design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.