Modern home appliances should offer advanced features at a great value, which is why Amana designs unique and innovative products with affordability in mind. 

Amana manufactures a wide selection of laundry products, including washers and dryers, as well as kitchen products like refrigerators and dishwashers and cooking appliances including ranges, microwaves, cooktops, and ovens. Across its entire appliance line, Amana offers simplicity and power for an affordable price, ensuring all homeowners can have efficient and effective appliances in their home.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is happy to offer you a vast variety of Amana home appliances, offering the ideal new additions to your kitchen and laundry spaces. 

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No home is complete without a washer, and Amana washers are sure to meet your needs. The brand produces washing machines in a variety of sizes and styles, providing superior functions in designs that match any laundry room aesthetic.


Amana dryers provide efficient and effective features for your laundry space, offering strong heat and fast spin speeds to dry a variety of items. An Amana dryer will ensure your clothing, bedding, towels and more are properly prepared for everyday use, effectively completing your laundry process.

Refrigerators & Dishwashers

Amana refrigerators provide the wealth of food storage solutions your home needs, with plenty of space to store both fresh and frozen items. 

Meanwhile, Amana dishwashers help you prepare plates, glasses, utensils and cookware for everyday use by offering powerful wash cycles that eliminate food debris and blemishes with ease.

Cooking Ranges & Microwaves

Amana ranges expertly combine the cooking capabilities of an oven and a cooktop to bring a host of common cooking functions to your home. For fast and convenient food preparation, you can count on an Amana microwave to meet your needs.

Cooktops & Ovens

Amana manufactures both gas and electric cooktops, helping you find the ideal choice depending on your kitchen design. In addition, the brand produces a host of powerful ovens that provide the even temperatures you need for baking and broiling a variety of delicious dishes.