Since the 1920s, AGA has produced premium kitchen products known for their exceptional quality, iconic designs, and technological innovations.

This storied brand is best recognized for its cast iron cooking ranges, which provide exceptional heat retention and classic style to the modern kitchen. AGA has updated its traditional cast iron ranges for the modern era, with advanced technology that provides all the power you require. The brand also produces sleek, modern cooking ranges that perfectly match the aesthetic of the contemporary home. For your kitchen ventilation needs, you can trust an AGA range hood to get the job done.

While AGA is primarily known for its cooking ranges, the brand also manufactures refrigerators and dishwashers, helping your kitchen stay both organized and clean.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen is proud to carry a wide selection of premium AGA appliances, helping you find the perfect choice for your home.

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Cooking Ranges

AGA built its brand on the strength of its cast iron cooking ranges. The brand still manufactures powerful cast iron ranges and also produces modern dual fuel ranges, gas ranges, electric ranges and induction ranges, allowing you to choose the perfect appliance based on your wants and needs. With a host of unique styles and sizes available, AGA's cooking ranges are sure to meet the demands of the modern kitchen.

Range Hoods

The range hood provides ventilation for your cooking space, sucking up smoke, steam, and airborne pollutants from the area above your cooking range. AGA range hoods offer the powerful features and contemporary designs ideal for your cooking space.


The modern home requires modern food storage solutions, and an AGA refrigerator is sure to meet your needs. Thanks to spacious designs and impressive cooling systems, AGA refrigerators are the ideal addition to any cooking space. 


AGA dishwashers come in durable and dependable designs, offering the wealth of wash cycles you require for all your cleaning needs. You can trust an AGA unit to effectively blast grease and grime off of plates, bowls, glasses, cookware and more.