If your washing machine is just about ready to give up or your dryer has stopped drying, you may have considered upgrading your laundry room. Putting brand new, shiny appliances into a tired laundry room is not likely to give you much pleasure, or make you want to spend time in there folding. Fortunately, there are some great ways to upgrade your laundry room and make doing this chore a little more pleasant.

Create Storage

Storage is important in virtually every room of your home, but it is often overlooked in a laundry room. Bins, cabinets, shelves and other storage can be invaluable for organizing bleach, detergent, dryer sheets and all the other items that are needed for dealing with your laundry. Proper storage will make laundry more manageable and also make the entire chore a little less overwhelming. Laundry rooms tend to end up as a dumping ground for all those bits and pieces that don’t seem to have a proper place in your home. This can mean that you not only need to get the laundry done, but you need to create space to get it done in the first place. By having sufficient storage, you can create a folding station, so you can get everything done in one place and keep everything neat.

Brighten It Up

If your laundry room has lots of natural light, you are very fortunate. Many laundry rooms tend to lack natural light, so they can end up feeling dark and gloomy. This means that you’re not likely to want to spend time in the room, folding clothes or sorting laundry. Fortunately, you can counter this and make your room a more soothing place by brightening it up with paint. Choose a color scheme that will make you feel a little brighter when you step into the room. You can add splashes of color, but remember that smaller rooms tend to feel bigger and lighter if you avoid darker paint colors.

Add Some Personality

Finding some creative ways to make a laundry room more exciting may seem difficult, but it can actually be quite easy. Tackle the decor as you would any room; choose a theme and decorate accordingly. There are lots of ways to make your room feel creative yet functional. For example, put your detergent and other knick-knacks in mason jars that can sit on an open shelf. Or you could add cute little signs, framed photos or even artwork to brighten your space. With some creative ideas, you can make your laundry room a little haven of peace where you can get away from the hectic activities of your home and be in the moment folding laundry.

Create Sorting Stations

Finally, it is inevitable that your laundry room will have clothes, towels, linen, and bedding in different states of cleanliness at any time. So, instead of kidding yourself that you will make sure everything will get put away immediately, plan for dealing with your laundry loads. Create sorting stations; you can have a basket or box for handwash items, laundry awaiting folding or even items that need special attention. This means that you won’t need to carry dirty laundry back into your room if you don’t have a full load.

Upgrading a laundry room only requires a few tools and a little motivation to make it feel a much more pleasant place to spend some time.

If you’re considering upgrading your laundry appliances, you can explore the options with this online collection of washing machines and dryers, or speak to a home appliance expert for a more specialist service.