Established in 1934, Fisher & Paykel is a major appliance manufacturing company based in East Tamaki, New Zealand. Originally an importer of domestic refrigerators, today it holds over 420 patents and bases its identity on innovative design, particularly in the areas of usability and environmental awareness. The brand has a storied legacy of ongoing R&D ensuring that all products are developed around sustainable design principles.

Moving From Tradition

Today, kitchens are more than just somewhere where you prepare meals; they have evolved from a separate space only used by one person to a shared environment, a place for families to get together, a place for entertaining, and even a place for working. Fisher & Paykel has focused on breaking from tradition with an innovative space that is suited to today’s living requirements to look fantastic.

Creating a Sharing Space

The team at Fisher & Paykel found that today, more than one person is likely to be using the kitchen at the same time. Additionally, the brand appreciates that aesthetics matter, so the design team has an opportunity to innovate to create dream kitchen environments with unbridled gusto.  The Fisher & Paykel appliance line has been created to support these patterns of use. For example, the CoolDrawer can be installed to have drinks near the dining area or a DishDrawer to have a designated unit for glasses or crockery near the main sink. This concept of “distributed appliances” allow users to configure a layout to suit the way people use kitchen now.

Everything With Easy Reach

Whether creating a gourmet feast or just preparing a snack, Fisher & Paykel makes sure to have what one uses the most, at waist height, for easy reach. One of the Fisher & Paykel breakthroughs is to place DishDrawer dishwasher drawers side by side, rather than stacked to avoid needing to bend down for the lower drawer. These appliances allow cabinetry to float for a seamless look and superb functionality.

Your Dream Kitchen

Choosing new appliances can be one of the biggest challenges in creating the perfect kitchen. For this reason, Fisher & Paykel has designed a product line to suit individual kitchen styles, cooking preferences, and space.

The kitchen is a natural hub for social activities, and a homeowner can set the stage for entertaining from morning coffee through to a full dinner party. Fisher & Paykel allows one to create a layout that permits multiple people to use the space without getting “trapped.”

If a family likes to cook and socialize together, Fisher & Paykel has a kitchen design to support this efficiently. This allows people to drop in and help without getting in the way to enable meal prep to become a social experience that everyone can enjoy.

As you plan your dream kitchen, you can create work zones for superb functionality. If you enjoy cooking with your partner, you can plan two distinct cooking or prep areas. While if you entertain, include a mixed-use zone that will allow you to set out food platters or create a bar area. With the line of Fisher & Paykel appliances, you can ensure that every zone of your kitchen is fully equipped to your unique specifications.

Create Your Dream Kitchen and Enjoy Cashback

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