The oven is a central element of any kitchen. Whether you are a keen chef or an enthusiastic amateur, the oven is one point of the working triangle in any kitchen design. Today, ovens are available in a wide variety of designs, styles, and configurations, so it can be a little overwhelming to find the perfect model for your kitchen. Fortunately, we can walk you through some simple steps to help you to choose the perfect oven range for your new kitchen.

Consider Your Energy Source

One of the easiest ways to narrow down your shortlist of potential oven ranges is to look at your current energy source. Many people base their choice of oven range on the current source of energy in their kitchen, but it is possible to find gas powered ranges with electric ovens today, so there is some flexibility. So, while you may not have a great deal of choice about your energy source, there are many choices within each category to find your perfect range.

Choose Your Preferred Style

Next, you need to look at what style of oven range you would prefer in your kitchen. Ranges are available in free standing, slide in, drop in configurations, or you could opt for a wall oven with separate cooktop. Your preferred style may be influenced by kitchen decor, your available space or even the way you prefer to work. Freestanding ranges are the most popular option as they tend to cost the least, but many models offer some fantastic amenities. Slide in models overlap the counter on either side to create a build in look that can look fantastic in contemporary kitchens. Wall ovens typically offer less space inside compared to a conventional range, which can be problematic if you enjoy creating large roast dinners for the whole family. Some options are available with double ovens, with models offering the same size ovens or differing sizes for different applications. So, you’ll need to think about how your oven will be used on a day to day basis to determine your preferred style. It is also worth thinking about where the controls will be located for each option. For example, if you have a shorter stature, the controls on the back of a freestanding range may be challenging to reach without risking burning yourself.

The Burner Style

There are a number of burner styles available that have different characteristics. Coil burners, induction, and flat gas top cooking surfaces all require a slightly different cooking style, so you may prefer to stick to the burner style you’re used to using. It is worth considering cleaning and maintenance issues, precision, and energy efficiency. Some range models also have a warming burner or dual settings to allow you to manage your meal prep easier.

Other Considerations

Finally, there are some other features that are worth considering. Depending on your budget and the range style, it may be possible to look for specific models offering some of these options:

  • Self cleaning oven
  • Bigger viewing window
  • Temperature probes
  • Convection oven
  • Easy clean finish
  • Brighter Light
  • Electronic Controls
  • Full extension racks
  • Special settings

Again, it is worth thinking about how you will use your range. For example, if you enjoy baking and preparing more specialized items, a steam setting could be very beneficial. This can introduce moisture during baking to improve the results of breads, pastries, and doughs. It can also help improve the results of cooking other dishes to reduce drying out of delicate foods.

If you’re considering upgrading your range or oven, you can explore the options with this online collection of ovens, ranges, and cooktops, or for further guidance and help, speak to a home appliance specialist.