Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a casual wine enthusiast, a wine cooler is a great buy. Large wine cellars may not be possible depending on the size of a home or budget, but a wine cooler can be placed in anyone’s home. Wine refrigerators are designed to age your wine as gracefully as possible. A wine cooler protects wine in an affordable way, and when you store your wine properly, it really brings out its flavor potential.

  1. Temperature 

Wine refrigerators are made to create a consistent temperature zone. In the perfect temperature range, wine will age just right for long term storage options. Refrigerators are often held below 50º F, which makes them less than ideal for wine storage. These cool temperatures will stop wine from going bad, but destroys its ability to develop the best flavor potential.

  1. Decreased Vibration 

Vibrations in normal refrigerators disturb the sediment in wine, which then bothers the wine’s aging process. Wine coolers are specifically made for a nearly vibration-free environment, making sure that your wine sits disturbance free.

  1. No Natural Light 

Natural light is a no-go when it comes to wine. Extended exposure to fluorescent or natural light will devastate the wine’s flavor. Wine that has endured long-term exposure begins to taste flat. Wine coolers are equipped with glass or solid doors with light protection. These features safeguard your wine from harmful light effects.

  1. Solely a Wine Environment 

Issues like vibration, light and temperature aside, a wine refrigerator is simply a place exclusively dedicated to your storage of wine. No hitting a wine bottle while reaching for milk or kicking a case of wine while digging around in your garage. Instead, wine in a wine cooler will rest quietly on its side in a peaceful and cool environment.

  1. Aging  

Wine coolers can help store and age wine. Whether short term (6 months and onward) or long term (a year and onwards) your wine refrigerator should meet your storage needs. Serious wine aging is best handled in a wine cellar for proper humidity control. However most of the world’s wines should be consumed in their youth. Therefore, your wine cooler should be able to handle most of your aging and storing needs.

  1. Convenience 

Wine coolers can be placed anywhere from a built-in unit, to a kitchen counter or all by itself. You can store them in any convenient space available. Instead of storing your wine in a closet, attic or basement, your wine can be situated right in your kitchen near your desired serving area.

  1. Affordable 

As mentioned before, wine cellars can be far too expensive. Wine refrigerators are affordable ways to store wine for any aficionado. As your wine selection may increase over the years, don’t forget the benefits of purchasing a bigger wine cooler.

The temperature settings alone should be enough to make you want to acquire your own wine refrigerator. There’s no other way to be certain your wine is taken care of properly. A lot of effort goes into the making of wine, there’s no reason not to treat it with a little extra care. Be sure you know what to look for in a wine cooler before making your purchase.

Are you ready to find the right wine cooler for you? Search through a great selection of wine coolers and/or contact a home appliance expert for assistance.