Shoebox apartments, tiny houses, or a love of the modern and minimalist. There are all sorts of reasons why you might be looking for simple solutions to save space in your home. Whether you live in a small dwelling, or you’re just looking for an easy way to create a roomier kitchen, appliances exist to satisfy your needs in an easy, tightly packed way.

Quintessential Kitchen Solutions 

The oven might just be one of the most important parts of the kitchen, but there are easy ways around having a large one. For example, there are certain newer models of microwaves that can also have convection cooking functions. They can even be reprogrammed for settings to cook pasta, potatoes, and many of your other needs. If you’re keen on this idea, installing a drawer style microwave is the best bet for creating the elbow room you crave, with the added bonus of less chances for spills, thanks to no high stovetop.

If not compromising a full range is a must, companies like GE have freestanding electric ranges that offer a compact, but still modern look. Conversely, many overhauled vintage ranges can offer that charming retro look while still freeing up space.

And if you’re someone that thrives living off of leftovers or frequently has a lot of company, a warming drawer is another awesome, unobtrusive appliance for your home. Whether for heating up old meals, prepping items for baking, or actually setting things to warm, its versatility and capabilities are especially perfect for busy and constantly bustling families.

We Turned Up the Heat, How Do We Cool It Down? 

Now that you’ve got tools for cooking your food, you’re going to want to store it all. Refrigerators are must haves when building your kitchen, and while today they frequently are offered in large sizes, there are also smaller version for tighter spaces.

You might think a mini fridge is your only solution in a small kitchen, but there are multiple compact refrigerators for you to utilize — many of which are made by Italian manufacturer SMEG. And — if you’re looking for a retro style — you’re in luck with this brand, which has carved out a niche as stylish nostalgia design choice. With a compact fridge, you also have the added benefit of creating more of what we can call sweet countertop action.

If you also have a wine collection, don’t feel confined to storing your wine chiller in the kitchen. Recently, it’s become common to use those appliances in your other living areas, creating yet another entirely new space to use for extra storage or display.

Cleanup and Other Tips 

The good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice convenience for the sake of a minimalist kitchen, even in the cleanup aspect. There are entire lines of dishwashers available that are as small as eighteen inches from trusted companies like Miele, GE, and Whirlpool.

If you’re going to shop around for your appliances, make sure you know the space you have at your disposal. Remember to utilize the pull-out drawer method for storage and appliances, and you’ll be able to have your small kitchen and use it too.

From dishwashers, to ovens, to ranges, to extra countertop spaces, there’s ways to create your perfect kitchen even if your space might be limited. Solutions are there more than you realize.

Eager to start planning your new kitchen? Don’t forget to check out this large collection of compact appliances, so you can enjoy the extra room and freedom in your kitchen.