Dacor is widely recognized as a leading brand for luxury home appliances in America. Therefore, it is always exciting when Dacor announces a new product line. At the recent Kitchen Bath & Industry Show, Dacor unveiled Project Blanc, which is sure to revolutionize the aesthetics and performance of kitchen appliances.

The World’s First

It was revealed at the Orlando, Florida event that Project Blanc is a world’s first. Dacor’s new 30 inch porcelain freezer and refrigerator columns, represents the first porcelain built-in solution in the world. The all new columns reinforce the TechCraft Dacor legacy that combines unmatched craftsmanship with radical food preservation techniques and innovations. The immaculate porcelain column cavity not only elevates durability and purity, but uses 3DLighting Plus for full illumination. The Project Blanc appliances are also complimented by a myriad of cutting-edge technologies.

Enhanced Food Preservation

The 30 inch Project Blanc Porcelain appliances are considered the most sophisticated tools for food preservation in the luxury market. Porcelain is an ideal material as it has a higher heat capacity compared to more common cooling materials and it minimizes temperature fluctuations. The Project Blanc appliances feature interior porcelain walls, drawer fronts and door liners to ensure a consistent temperature and allow your food to retain its original flavors and textures longer. There is an integrated FreshZone drawer that features adjustable temperature settings and the capacity to accommodate chilled drinks, meat, fish and other produce. At the core of the appliance, there is a dedicated digital inverter compressor that powers the ENERGY STAR® certified cooling system to maintain high humidity levels in your refrigerator and optimum dry conditions in the freezer.

According to Dacor’s Refrigeration Director of Product Marking, Michael Magnani, porcelain provides category reshaping benefits for food preservation that push the limits for freshness. Mr. Magnani stated that not only is porcelain a striking premium material, but it also provides an ideal solution to maintain a consistent temperature and preserves an ultra-hygienic environment for your food.

Superior Durability

Porcelain is also a sleek and durable material that will complement any luxury kitchen beautifully. The premium interior not only provides exquisite and stunning aesthetics, but also establishes a superior standard of hygiene. Porcelain provides a nonporous surface that prevents contamination and eliminates any discoloration resulting from spills or odor transfer. Another substantial benefit offered by porcelain is durability. The finest raw materials are used to craft the porcelain interior, and it is glazed with aramid. Aramid is a synthetic and highly durable fiber that is commonly used within the aerospace industry. This glazing process creates a surface that is five times stronger compared to plastic, providing unparalleled scratch resistance for a timeless look.

Complementing the Contemporary Luxury Kitchen

The panel ready Project Blanc unit can accommodate custom wood paneling or be complemented with a graphite or silver stainless steel panel kit to coordinate with other Dacor products in the Heritage or Modernist collections.

The full height doors provide flush integration allowing your new refrigerator and freezer porcelain columns to blend seamlessly into your kitchen design. Whether you choose a handle free or handle design, the Push to Open door opens the doors gently with a simple tap. When the unit is open, the 3DLighting Plus brings the appliance to life with full illumination to allow the porcelain cavity to dazzle with an alluring glow.

There is also an internal water dispenser and Dual Icemakers for traditional or Cocktail Ice, and other cutting-edge technologies for a truly luxury experience.

If you would like to find out more about Dacor’s Project Blanc appliances or are looking for a new refrigerator or freezer, you can explore the options with this online collection or speak to a home appliance expert for a more specialized service.