Formidable kitchen appliances help you deliver beloved home-cooked dishes and exciting new culinary creations to friends and family. A cooking range is sure to boost your cooking abilities combining a stovetop and oven into one appliance, saving space in your kitchen while offering a host of valuable cooking functions. But finding the right type of range for your home can be a challenge.

Cooking ranges come in a variety of styles, each with its own unique advantages. To assist in your range search, we’ve compiled helpful information on some of the most common types of cooking ranges.

Gas Cooking Range

Are you interested in exceptional power and heat in your range? If so, you should definitely research gas cooking ranges.

Modern gas ranges feature an electronic ignition system that produces a spark to light flames for the cooktop or oven. By using an open flame, gas ranges offer superior heating power that helps speed up the cooking process. This strong heat can also be altered quickly, which is a particular benefit in cooking more sophisticated fare. You can switch a gas cooktop from low to high temperatures fast, offering great flexibility while preparing your gastronomic creations. Most professional chefs use gas units, and this style is ideal for avid home cooks looking to boost their cooking prowess.

Gas ranges are great, though they do have a few drawbacks. You need to turn knobs to control the cooktop’s flames, making it a challenge to find the exact temperature for every dish. This use of an open flame also produces more risk of kitchen fires, though if you’re mindful while cooking you should be fine.

Electric Cooking Range

If safe and precise cooking are your top priorities, you may want to invest in an electric cooking range.

Electric ranges do not require an open flame for cooking, and as a result offer more safety than gas ranges. These appliances typically feature electric coil burners for stovetop cooking, and electric heating elements for the oven. Electric units typically offer more precise temperature selections for the cooktop and oven, allowing you to easily choose the ideal temperature for every dish. Moreover, thanks to their low heat variance, these models are ideally suited for crafting evenly baked dishes.

The top electric cooking ranges perform just as well, or better, than gas ranges. That said, low-end electric ranges might not offer the same levels of power or heat as similar gas models.

Induction Cooking Range

For a more advanced style of electric cooking range, consider an induction range.

Induction ranges feature a traditional electric oven and an induction cooktop, which uses heat from electromagnetic energy to cook food. A heating element sits underneath the unit’s flat ceramic surface, creating a magnetic field that produces heat when you use cookware with a steel, iron, or magnetic stainless steel bottom. There are many benefits to an induction cooktop, including exceptional temperature control, fast heating and cooling, and a low risk of burning. These ranges are truly luxury appliances, offering all the benefits of a traditional electric range alongside more advanced features and elegant style.

Induction cooking ranges offer great features, and are extremely safe to use. That said, these units can come in at a high price point that’s less than ideal for budget conscious homeowners.

Dual Fuel Cooking Range

Gas and electric cooking ranges both have unique advantages, and if you want to bring the best of both units to your kitchen, you’ll definitely want to consider a dual fuel range.

Dual fuel ranges feature a gas cooktop and an electric oven, bringing a great combination of cooking features to your home. The gas cooktop provides exceptional heat power for heating, sautéing, and boiling a wide range of dishes. Meanwhile, the electric oven offers the consistent and controlled heat ideal for baking. These ranges are typically more expensive than the average cooking range, but their impressive cooking capabilities and high quality designs provide great value for the cost.

The Best Cooking Ranges In A Variety Of Styles

Ultimately, the best cooking range for your home is whichever range meets your needs.

For strong heat and power, go with a gas cooking range. If more precise temperature control and consistent baking temperatures are priorities, consider an electric cooking range. If you really want to bring luxury and safety to your home, you’ll want to invest in an induction cooktop. Should you want to combine the best of these options, a dual fuel cooking range is a great solution. By considering your needs and researching a variety of options, you’ll be sure to find an exceptional cooking range for your home.

You can begin your search for a great appliance with this online collection of cooking ranges.