Advanced electronics and appliances bring convenience and innovation to your home, helping you enjoy modern life with style. But using all those items can cause your power bill to skyrocket, making a major dent in your bank account. To help save money for years to come, you should definitely consider investing in energy efficient home appliances.

Energy efficient appliances offer all the features your home needs, but use fewer resources to operate. These units efficiently use electricity and water, keeping your monthly utilities low while also reducing your home’s impact on the environment. There are a host of great energy efficient kitchen appliances, laundry appliances, and more, available for your home, but navigating the wide range of options can be difficult. To help you explore your choices, we’ve compiled some helpful tips on how to buy energy efficient home appliances.

Always Look for ENERGY STAR Certification

If you’ve purchased any home appliances over the last 25 years, you’re likely familiar with the ENERGY STAR® program. Established in 1992, ENERGY STAR is the government-backed program that provides certification to consumer products and buildings for meeting energy efficiency standards determined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Many brands claim that their appliances are energy efficient, but the only way to be certain is to investigate a product’s ENERGY STAR certification. If an appliance is certified, you can rest assured that it is actually energy efficient, meeting the strict standards established by the EPA. An appliance may offer all sorts of advanced, computerized features, but if it isn’t ENERGY STAR certified, it’s probably not energy efficient.

Determine Your Annual Savings & Energy Use

Energy efficiency is a powerful marketing tool within the appliance industry. As a result, many of today’s most popular appliances are ENERGY STAR certified for efficiency. But it’s important to remember that not all energy efficient appliances are created equal.

To better inform your decision, all ENERGY STAR appliances carry an EnergyGuide label that features the estimated yearly electricity use and yearly operating cost of the appliance. While these numbers can fluctuate based on the utility costs in your area and how often you use the appliance, these estimates can help you easily compare different ENERGY STAR certified appliances. While you can find some EnergyGuide information online, the only sure way to see this information is to visit a home appliance retailer to browse EnergyGuide labels yourself.

Explore Different Energy Efficient Options

The appliance shopping process can be long and challenging, especially if you’ve never bought home appliances before. There are so many different brands, model numbers, and operational features to compare, and an impatient homeowner may fall in love with the first unit they see. But remember, it’s important that you research a variety of options before making your decision.

You don’t want to haphazardly invest in a stylish appliance, only to realize that it isn’t energy efficient. You also don’t want to purchase an energy efficient machine that doesn’t offer all the features you need. There is a huge range of home appliances available on today’s market, and there is no reason you should sacrifice style or features for energy efficiency. If you take the time to research different choices, you’re guaranteed to find the ideal product that meets all your home’s needs.

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Consider Smart Home Integrations

Many of today’s most advanced appliances offer computerized features, Wi-Fi connectivity, and other options that maximize appliance monitoring and control. These “smart home” features can really boost the effectiveness of energy efficient appliances, helping you decrease energy use and reduce utility bills along the way. You should be sure to consider these types of smart, computerized innovations as you research energy efficient appliances.

Exceptional Energy Efficient Appliances For The Home

Home energy use is an important issue tied to both financial and environmental concerns. The best way to reduce your home’s monthly operating costs, while creating an eco-friendly living space, is to invest in energy efficient appliances. Being mindful of ENERGY STAR certification, researching various options, and considering your home’s annual energy use and operating cost goals will ensure you find the perfect energy efficient units for your living spaces.

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