The modern kitchen has evolved significantly compared to the kitchen of the last decade. Although ten years doesn’t often feel like a great deal of time, there have been drastic changes both in the way we use our kitchens and how they function. So, here we will explore the evolution of kitchens since the late 2000’s.

The Evolution of the Dishwasher

Although dishwashers have been around since the 1970s, many models didn’t allow a conversation when a cycle was running. Even last decade, dishwashers emitted a loud whirring that could even disturb television watching in another room. You may have also found yourself running a cycle twice as certain dishes just didn’t seem clean. You may have even had to resort to hand washing some pots and pans because they were heavily soiled or wouldn’t fit in your dishwasher.

Today, dishwashers are designed to not only operate more efficiently, but deliver a quiet and powerful performance. Many models include specialized features such as automated wash sensors, flexible racking, and stemware holders to ensure that all your items are sparkling clean at the end of a cycle. Additionally, you are no longer restricted to one or two wash programs. Many models offer a variety of programs to suit all load requirements, from Rinse cycles for lightly soiled items to Pots and Pans programs to tackle the heaviest soil requirements. If you’re upgrading from a ten year old dishwasher to a brand new model, you’re likely to be surprised at how little water and energy it uses while delivering superb cleaning performance.

Introducing the Cooktop

In the past, you may have referred to your stove, but these days kitchen planners talk about the “cooktop.” The main difference between a stove and a cooktop is that you can have a cooktop independent of your oven. You can have a cooktop installed above your oven or on the other side of the kitchen on an island.

The cooktop is also popular because it offers features that were previously exclusive to pro equipment. There are models with low level output settings to allow you to prepare dainty sauces or cook difficult dishes with greater control. Induction cooktops have become increasingly in demand, as the magnetic based heat leaves a safe, cool surface to prevent accidental burns and make cleaning easier.

The Changing Refrigerator

In the past, the sole purpose of a refrigerator was to store your food and keep produce fresh. Modern refrigerators are designed to offer far more than this. The refrigerator has become an integral component of making life easier in the kitchen. There are models that produce delicious filtered water and crystal clear ice, you can also find a refrigerator that will make coffee for you. Today, refrigerators are designed to offer greater temperature control and excellent energy efficiency to keep your food and produce fresher for longer.

Hidden or In Plain Sight

Finally, modern kitchen design allows for appliances to be showcased or fully integrated. If you are aiming for a bold contemporary look, attractive modern appliances create a stunning feature, but if you want a sleek aesthetic, the hidden control panels allow appliances to blend seamlessly into your cabinetry. You no longer need to worry about bulky control panels standing out and compromising the lines of your cabinetry. Homeowners can decide whether they want appliances hidden or in plain sight depending on their personal preferences and overall style aesthetics.

If your appliances are getting older, you can explore the latest options with this online collection, or speak to a home appliance professional.