With so many features available, choosing a new range can be a challenge. While the basic decisions of gas, electric or convection may seem easy to make, your cooking style will be a major consideration in your purchase decision. So, here we will explore some of the common cooking styles and the types of ranges that will best compliment you.

The Wannabe Pro

The “Wannabe Pro” demands a great deal from a range. You may like to flambé or want the perfect oven temperatures to bake a soufflé. Whether you’re baking a batch of cookies, creating delicate pastries or making a Crème Anglaise, you need a range that can handle your every whim. Fortunately, there are a number of manufacturers offering Pro-Style ranges that offer some of the features that are found in an upscale commercial kitchen, such as infrared charbroilers, griddles, cast iron grades and convection ovens. You’re likely to have a choice of range sizes from 30 to 60 inches with multiple ovens. Wolf, Miele, Thermador, Jenn-Air, Bertazzoni and Viking brands are leading the pack in Pro Style ranges, with attractive designs.

The Convenience Cook

While you may like to cook, you don’t enjoy standing in the kitchen for hours. The convenience cook enjoys a fast cooking style, preparing dishes with flair. So, you’ll need a range that offers fantastic fire on top and the business on the bottom. The Bosch series of slide in ranges is a great option for the convenience cook. These models are available in electric and gas, but induction tends to be best suited to those craving the ultimate convenience. The smooth top induction range features two high power elements and touch controls with four surface induction elements that allow you to boil water in next to no time. Additionally, since induction does not heat the surrounding surface, clean-up is a breeze.

The Experimental Chef

If you enjoy mixing up a dish, no one thinks will work, you need a range that can cope with your experimental style. Thermador appliances are not only credited with producing the first built-in wall oven, but the series features downdraft ventilation systems. These appliances can save your back when you keep needing to check on your creation, but they will also suck away any smoke from a burnt dish if one of your experiments goes a little wrong. The Thermador wall oven line also features professional style steam and convection ovens, double combination ovens, and a triple oven with convection microwave, oven, and warm drawer, so you can really go wild with your latest creation.

The Health Conscious Foodie

If you’re vegan or simply prefer cooking with less saturated fat, you’re sure to appreciate a sous-vide or steam feature. These types of range allow vacuum sealed foods to be cooked at low temperature in a water bath. This style of cooking not only locks in the flavor of your dish, but doesn’t require oil or butter for cooking.

The Jenn-Air wall oven line provides a fantastic example for the health conscious foodie. The 24” steam and convection stainless steel wall oven includes nine cooking modes, with a steam mode to lock all the nutrients into food, sous-vide reheat to create the optimum temperature for frozen vacuum sealed foods and convection mode perfect for roasting. Despite its modest proportions, this wall oven offers fantastic cooking potential for any health conscious foodie.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your range to suit your cooking style, you can explore your options with this online range collection. If you have queries or require a more specialized service, be sure to speak to a home appliance professional.