Wolf has always been known for its high-end luxury kitchen appliances, and its new steam oven seems to be no exception. Steam ovens are great additions to your kitchen, utilizing steam from a heated water tank to cook food, rather than the typical hot air that’s in conventional ovens. This helps prepare food quickly and efficiently — especially in the more delicate recipes featuring fish and veggies!

With this new steam oven, Wolf has created an appliance that might just be your best tool in the kitchen. With its design, convenience, and helpful controls, it offers true improvements over the previous generation model that make it an essential addition to your home.

Excellence Made Simpler 

Boasting a seamless, stainless steel finish with an all-touch, no-knobs control panel, it offers the perfect addition of style to any kitchen. Since they’ve removed the pop-out knobs that were found in previous models, it gives a sleeker design that’s a visible difference at first glance (especially if you have a flush inset look going on already).

Unfortunately, the main menu does need to be navigated by a side touch panel, rather than being directly activated by touch on the screen itself. While this can make accessing the menu tedious at times, what it lacks in that innovation it makes up for in the convenience and versatility of the menu itself.

The display menu offers many helpful features that create a fantastic addition to this oven that weren’t there in previous models. It has a quick start menu off the bat for fast convenience — complete with all the common options you’d expect from a steam oven, such as convection, convection steam, convection humid, and reheat.

Beyond that quick start menu, Wolf has also installed tools to help assist with things like the best rack position for your food, depending on if you’re using one rack or two. It also allows you to set specific parameters for your cooking, including how long you want the oven to heat your meal and when you want it to both start and shut itself off. Being both sleek and handy, it’s a simplified, but also personalized experience. Forget about worrying if the stove was left on at home from now on.

Even more than those convenient additions, this new steam oven even helps you if you’re in the middle of a recipe and need assistance with the cook times of a specific item, a setting they’ve called Wolf Gourmet. Making a pizza? No problem, your oven knows the time to make it delicious and crisp. Vegetables? Even desserts and yogurt are covered in this, so you’ll never have to guess cook times again. The gourmet feature is a particularly helpful tool for anyone that’s new to the kitchen, eliminating the anxiety entirely. Beyond that, even if you’re an experienced veteran, it’ll be just as great for convenient and predictable results with recipes.

Without a doubt, the best part about Wolf’s steam oven is its personalized experience. Whether you’re a newbie in the kitchen or a cooking savant just looking for a more simplified solution for your meals, this steam oven is the perfect companion for you.

With the new design comes new creativity from the luxury giant, and they’ve clearly taken that creativity and run with it. Sleeker in appearance, sporting an easy startup menu, including a convenient, concise setting control panel, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re getting one of the most sophisticated, yet easiest to use tools on the market today.