Most of us find our laundry room end up being a bit of a dumping ground. It is very easy to leave clothing on top of the dryer, but allowing your dryer to become cluttered is a possible safety risk and could be putting your home at risk of a fire.

The Real Possibility of a Fire Hazard

While you may be diligent about emptying your lint trap, leaving clothes on top of the dryer, while you are doing multiple loads of laundry, creates a real risk of fire. If clothes are left while the dryer is running, you can not only compromise the dryer performance, but could be putting your home in danger.

Dryers produce a great deal of heat in order to dry wet clothing. This requires space so that the heat produced can safely escape. When clothing is piled on the dryer, there is a risk that they will fall off the top of the dryer and get wedged behind the appliance. This is likely to block the vents and allow heat to build up. Additionally, since most clothing materials are flammable, there is an even greater chance of an item igniting.

Safer Ways to Store Dried Clothing

If you’re dealing with multiple loads of laundry, it is inevitable that some clothing will need to be stored temporarily until they are folded and put away. Fortunately, there are safer ways to store your dried clothing without putting your laundry room at risk of a fire.
One of the easiest ways to store your dried loads is to use a laundry basket. A laundry basket on the floor near your drier can be used for clothing straight out of the dryer, or provide a place for folded clothes.

If you like to keep everything organized in your laundry room and prefer to fold everything before it is taken to your bedroom, you could set up a table. A table can provide a place to unload the dryer or fold your clothing. If you are limited space, consider a folding table that can be collapsed when you don’t need it.

Another solution is to build a shelf over your appliances. Provided both your dryer and washer are front loading, a shelf extending above the appliances can create space for laundry detergent, cleaning products, and dried clothes. You will need to ensure that there is adequate airflow space, but a shelf will provide a sturdy space to fold and store clothing without risking items blocking the vents.

Clear All the Other Clutter

It is important to bear in mind that clothing is not the only thing that can cause an obstruction and create a fire hazard in your laundry room. If your kids are in the habit of dumping book bags, shoes and other “junk” on top of the dryer, they could be creating a massive problem. So, it is good practice to ensure that your dryer is free of any clutter, particularly before you start using it. It can be a good idea to create additional storage in your laundry room so that any items have their own designated spot rather than being left on top of your dryer. This will ensure that when you do need to do laundry, you don’t need to waste time clearing a mountain of clutter to be sure it’s safe to use your dryer.

Every home has specific requirements for laundry room appliances, and there is a wide range of helpful accessories to complement your room layout.

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