In the past, if you were shopping for a new appliance, the finish was a non-issue. It was very rare to find an appliance finished in anything other than white. These days, there is a massive choice of white, black, stainless steel and even colors. While white is a classic choice, it is important to find your favorite finish to ensure that your kitchen showcases your preferences and style.

When White is the Best Choice

White appliances tend to be less popular in a designer kitchen, they do provide a classic look. There are some situations where a white finish is the best choice such as when the cabinets or countertops are in a pale tone. Pale, neutral tones are complemented by clean, white appliances that allow the subtle undertones to be highlighted. Another case where white is the best choice is when you have a dark ceiling. You can create a cottage appeal with wooden beams on your kitchen ceiling, but this can also weigh down the space. So, you need light walls and white appliances to create a light and breezy aesthetic.

A white finish for your appliances can also be useful if you want to create a mix and match look. A golden range hood can be a statement, but it will be too much to have this tone for all of your appliances. Having your other appliances in a white finish will allow the brass finish to stand out and be showcased.

When You Should Opt for Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has become a popular choice as a finish for appliances in recent years. There are good reasons for this as stainless steel is a neutral shade that can complement almost any color scheme. Although stainless steel is often associated with a higher purchase cost, there are some situations where it is certainly worth spending a little more.

If you have an ultra-modern home, stainless steel is a strong choice. The metallic finish creates a crisp look in a minimalist and glossy kitchen. Stainless steel can also enhance the aesthetics of wood cabinetry. The contrast between metal and wood works beautifully creating a visual break to the organic patterning of the wood.
Stainless steel can also provide a great finish if you want to create a transitional style; halfway between a contemporary and traditional kitchen. This type of decor tends to age very well and allows you to mix neutral colors and different textures.

When the Only Way is Black

Black is not only a neutral color, but it is a dramatic and bold choice. This means that it can be both a safe or risky choice depending on how it is paired with cabinetry or countertops. If you love a dramatic monochrome finish, appliances finished in black can create an instantly artistic look without any trendy colors that could clash next season.
Black appliances can also create a subtle effect when you have very dark cabinets. Dark cabinets can cause the space to appear smaller, particularly if they are broken up with white or stainless steel appliances. A black finish minimizes this effect for a sultry aesthetic.

When You Should Consider Color

Although white, stainless steel and black are considered the most common appliance finishes, there are times when a colored finish could perfectly complete your kitchen aesthetic. If you love that retro diner look, the pastel look of colored appliances with a classic checkerboard floor will be perfect. Alternatively, if you’re looking to create something special in your kitchen design, you can add a splash of character and color with a cheerful fridge or fiery range.

The right appliance finish can complete your kitchen decor, and fortunately there is a massive choice of appliances to suit your personal preferences and complement your kitchen layout.

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