The 21st-century home is not complete without its own set of powerful laundry appliances. The advanced and innovative features of modern laundry machines ensure your home is steadily supplied with clean clothing, bedding, and towels. But the laundry process cannot begin without a washing machine.

The task of finding a washing machine should begin with determining which type of washer is right for your home. To kickstart your washer selection process, we’ve compiled some useful information on the most common types of washers available today.

Top Load Washer

For traditional washing features and functions, consider a top load washer. Top load units fall into two primary categories — traditional top load washers and high efficiency top load washers.

Traditional top load washers feature an agitator in the unit’s washtub that provides the movement necessary for effectively washing clothes and other items. These units offer all the basic wash cycles and settings you need at an affordable price, making them an ideal choice for budget conscious homeowners.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more money, a high efficiency top load washing machine is a great choice. These models do not feature an agitator, offering more space for your items than a traditional unit. High efficiency machines also use less water, spin faster, and often feature more advanced cycle settings. Overall, high efficiency top load washers provide more modern conveniences than their traditional counterparts, and are ideally suited for the contemporary home. If you want to learn more about these powerful appliances, visit this guide to the best high efficiency top load washers of 2017.

Front Load Washer

If fast wash cycles and large wash drum capacity are your top concerns, you may want to invest in a front load washer.

Front load washing machines are loaded and unloaded through a door on the front of the appliance. This design typically offers more space than the average top load washer, allowing you to wash more items at once. The greatest advantage of a front load washer is its fast spin speeds. While faster spinning will not reduce the amount of time it takes to wash clothing, it will extract more water from your items and reduce dryer times. Compared to top load washers, front load washers tend to be more advanced, offering more innovative wash options and cycles. 

Front load washing machines are a great choice for many homes, but given their advanced designs are often more expensive than top load models. These machines will also require you to bend down to access the door for loading and unloading laundry. To alleviate this challenge, you can invest in a laundry pedestal at an extra cost.

For more on front load machines, check out this guide to the best front load washers of 2017.

Portable Washer

No home is complete without its own laundry appliances, but a full-sized washing machine isn’t the best choice for a small living space. If you live in a small house or apartment, you may want to consider a portable washer.

Portable washing machines feature a hose that attaches to a sink faucet to supply water for washing your clothes. These units are often built on rollers, allowing you to store the appliance in a convenient location while not in use. Best of all, portable washers are significantly less expensive than full-sized models, bringing quality washing capabilities to your home at an affordable price.

Obviously, the biggest downside of a portable washer is its size. These units are best used for washing small batches of clothing as opposed to heavier items like towels or bedding. With that in mind, a portable washer is still the best option for many that live in small homes.

Premium Washers In A Wide Range Of Superb Designs

The washing machine is an essential appliance in every home, and a great washer will ensure you and your family are provided with fresh and clean laundry on a consistent basis. Each type of washer has its own special advantages, and in the end, the best washer for your home is the one that best meets your needs. Whether you choose a traditional top load washer, a high efficiency top load washer, a front load washer, or a portable washer, you’ll be pleased to find a vast variety of options available on the market. Armed with some basic knowledge of each type of washer, there’s little doubt you’ll discover the perfect choice for your home.

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