The freezer compartments in most modern refrigerators offer ample storage space and cooling systems to meet your needs. But if you need additional storage for ice, pre-prepared meals or frozen desserts, you may want to invest in a standalone freezer.

Depending on your needs, these units can serve as the sole freezer in your home or supplement your refrigerator’s freezer, but what type of freezer is right for you? To help you decide, we’ve compiled a general overview on the most common types of freezers.

Undercounter Freezer

If you want additional freezer storage in your kitchen, but space is limited, you should consider an undercounter freezer.

Undercounter freezers are standalone units designed for installation under your kitchen counters, offering easy access to frozen items whenever needed. These freezers provide great cooling capabilities in a compact design, and can be integrated into almost any kitchen layout. Best of all, these appliances come in a host of sizes and styles, allowing you to find the ideal undercounter freezer for your home.

The biggest downside of an undercounter freezer is the fact that, because it is installed under your counters, you will have to bend down in order to store and retrieve frozen items.

Chest Freezer

For the maximum amount of storage capacity, you may want to invest in a chest freezer.

Chest freezers are large units that offer significantly more space than traditional freezer units. These models are designed for long-term frozen storage, and are a great choice if you like to buy frozen items in bulk or freeze large amounts of pre-prepared food. Moreover, these appliances are more energy efficient than other freezers, as the chest design helps maintain cold temperatures within the unit.

Chest freezers are a great choice for many homes, but it’s important to note that these units are very large. Chest freezers are typically installed in locations with ample floor space like a garage or basement, as they take up too much room in the kitchen. Before investing in a chest freezer, be sure to determine if you have enough space for the appliance.

Built-In All-Freezer

Should sleek and sophisticated freezer storage be your priorities, be sure to research built-in all-freezer units.

These appliances are column units that resemble all-refrigerator appliances, but are solely dedicated to frozen storage. If you have an all-refrigerator, then an all-freezer is the ideal addition to your kitchen. Moreover, thanks to their built-in design, all-freezers bring premium style to the modern kitchen.

Many all-freezers are premium appliances, offering advanced cooling systems and state-of-the-art components that promote efficient and effective frozen item storage.

The biggest disadvantage to these units is their potential cost, as many all-freezer models come at a steep price.

Find The Perfect Freezer For Your Home

No home is complete without freezer storage, and investing in a standalone freezer is sure way to meet your needs. Undercounter freezers, chest freezers and built-in all-freezers offer great performance that meet the demands of today’s consumers, and with some basic knowledge on these appliances, you’ll be prepared to discover the perfect freezer for your home.

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