When it’s time to upgrade to a new top-loading washer, the first choice you need to make is between the two different styles, agitator and impeller. They both move the washing load and get the clothes clean, but they work in very different ways. Understanding the similarities and differences will help you to make a more informed purchasing decision. Let’s take a look at agitator and impeller washer characteristics in more detail.

How Do These Washers Clean?

The more common washer style uses an agitator, they are tried and tested and they still work well to this day. An agitator washer can tackle tough laundry loads without causing damage to the fabrics. A traditional agitator washer will have a centrally located tall spindle that twists back and forth to move the laundry load. This action breaks the dirt particulates apart to make the washing process more effective.

An impeller washer works in a different way. They have low-profile discs or cones that spin to rub the fabrics against each other for efficient cleaning. One of the main advantages of an impeller approach is that less water and motion are needed to get the laundry clean. The unit is designed to create extra room to promote more movement to increase the level of friction between the clothes. This results in a thorough and more gentle cleaning process that uses less water and energy.

Agitator vs. Impeller Washer: Which is Best?

This is a hard question to answer because although we all want clean laundry loads, we may have certain requirements. Comparing the cleaning power and wash action of these two washing methods is necessary to make a decision that’s right for your home. Let’s take a look at the key features in more detail, they are:

5 Key Agitator Washer Features

  1. The overall washing cycle times are shorter which lowers the energy requirements.
  2. The clothes are soaked with water that’s recycled from the wash and rinse cycle which reduces the volume of water needed.
  3. This is tried and tested technology that most people are familiar with already.
  4. The friction between the fabrics breaks down dirt and stains for effective cleaning.
  5. The entire wash basket rotates to create significant cleaning action.

5 Key Impeller Washer Features

  1. The extra room in the wash basket makes it easier to load and unload bulky articles.
  2. The fabrics are rubbed together gently for thorough cleaning.
  3. The rotating action of the wash basket can give your laundry a deeper clean.
  4. The drying times tend to be much shorter.
  5. The clothes are soaked with recirculated water from the wash and rinse cycle.

Making a Final Purchasing Decision

Now that we’ve made a direct comparison, it’s easier to see the similarities and differences. Both washer types have all the modern features that you would expect and they can both get you through a tough laundry day. But, which type of washer would be the best fit for your lifestyle?

Both washer types can clean tough stains, sanitize workout clothes, and get your whites clean and bright. The exact model that you choose may be based on the features, such as the size, load capacity, water usage, energy efficiency, and more. Personal preference and your unique lifestyle will be the final determining factor. Don’t be fooled by the hype, both types of washers will get the job done, but there will be a brand or model that’s ideally suited to your needs.

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