There is no way to avoid the fact that Covid-19 and its variants have had a huge effect on many aspects of our lives during the past 12-18 months. Some changes have been more immediate and obvious than others and we have had to adjust how we approach tasks, use space, and more. In many homes, the kitchen is firmly at the heart of things, this is where we cook, eat and socialize and this space can provide some insights into our lives. In this article, we will take a closer look at how kitchens have changed in 2021 and what we can expect as this Covid era continues for the foreseeable future.

Choosing Smarter Kitchen Appliances

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic arrived on the scene, we were seeing a movement towards the increased use of smart technology in many areas of our homes. Of course, this also includes the kitchen and smart appliances are becoming a popular option. Some common applications of smart kitchen technology include toasting, steaming, frying, baking, air fryers, microwave ovens, and more. Smart appliances have touch screens for easier control or you can use a dedicated app in certain circumstances. If you’re forced to work from home, it can be hard to get the work/life balance right and smart technology can take some of the strain during this difficult period.

Adopting Smart Shopping and Storage Strategies

When times are hard people tend to tighten their purse strings and adopt budgeting strategies to make their household budget stretch further. One of the areas where a lot of savings can be made is the food budget and food waste is a real problem. If you use smart shopping options and smart storage to track your food needs, consumption and ordering, you will notice that food waste is reduced significantly. Color coding your pantry, making extra space, and even adding a second freezer or refrigerator can help. If you want to store more food for longer, learning how to can foods or starting a dry food pantry can really make a difference. When you have ample supplies of flour, you can make regular use of your oven or bread maker to ensure you always have fresh bread.

Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

When the purse strings are tightened, it’s easy to think that every project must go on hold indefinitely. But, it is possible to make smaller changes with a DIY ethos and improve your home in many ways without spending large amounts of money. This is equally true in the kitchen, you may not be able to swing new cabinets, but a lick of paint can give you a fresh new look. Skimping on a much needed appliance upgrade doesn’t make much sense when you can get better performance and improved energy efficiency. Shop for greener appliances with an Energy Star rating and make energy efficiency your focus for the next few years.

Entertaining at Home

As people are shying away from going out, it seems like a natural trend towards entertaining at home is underway. The Covid era may include dinner parties for family and close friends in an intimate setting at home. This may explain the increase that we’ve seen in bolder kitchens with designated areas for home dining. Open shelving, breakfast nooks, kitchen islands, elaborate cooker hoods, and more have become popular items in recent months. When you entertain at home, you may need to consider an upgrade to your existing kitchen appliances with a focus on energy efficiency improvements.

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