Sub-Zero Wolf is the largest family owned manufacturer of appliances in the United States. It is also second globally to Miele. Sub Zero is perhaps one of the most iconic appliance brands in the United States, and the company was the first to produce a refrigerator with twin compressors, to keep foods fresher for longer. Sub Zero was also the first brand to use digital temperature controls, electronic air scrubbers, and a vacuum seal to help prevent foods from spoiling. All Sub Zero/ Wolf prices are dictated by UMRP, and this looks set to increase on 1st March 2018.

What is UMRP Pricing?

Approximately 10 years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that manufacturers could set the prices for their products in the marketplace. This was the birth of uniform prices, and you’ll see this when shopping for watches, bedding, and appliances.

Most consumers are unfamiliar with the acronym UMRP and are unaware that it has an influence on their appliance purchases. UMRP stands for Unilateral Minimum Resale Price, and in essence, it allows manufacturers to have stringent pricing guidelines for retailers. This means that Sub-Zero Wolf dictates the minimum pricing for retailers offering their product line. If retailers break these guidelines and offer appliances below the set minimums, they will be dropped from the Sub-Zero Wolf distribution network.

The UMRP policy means that consumers can shop for a Sub-Zero Wolf appliance in LA, Chicago or backwater USA and the price is likely to be almost identical at any of the retailers.

Since retailers can’t compete simply on price, most offer non cash incentives. This means that you’re likely to find retailers offering free delivery, installation, extended warranties or other adds-ons. You may even be offered a discount on other Non-Sub-Zero Wolf appliances if purchased with your new Sub-Zero or Wolf. This means that when you’re appliance shopping, it’s more about what a store can offer in services such as installation, delivery, and aftercare rather than just the lowest prices.

The Sub-Zero Wolf UMRP Increase

On March 1st, 2018, there will be an increase in the UMRP for all Sub-Zero Wolf appliances. Since this price increase comes directly from the manufacturer, all retailers will be forced to also increase prices. This means that you can expect to see the prices of Sub-Zero appliances increasing in the coming days as stores and appliance centers bring their pricing into line with the new UMRP rate.

Fortunately, Universal Appliance Kitchen Center can help to negate this price increase. Although we will comply with the stringent manufacturer pricing guidelines, we don’t simply offer great prices. Our aim is to provide our customers with an immersive purchase experience. We appreciate that buying a new appliance can be daunting, so we aim to make it easier for you. With our knowledgeable staff, superb delivery and installation options, attractive finance deals and unrivaled aftercare, we aim to help you throughout the life cycle of your new Sub-Zero Wolf appliance.

We appreciate that price is an important factor when making a major purchase, but when every retailer is offering similar pricing, you need to look further at the services offered. While you may have a choice of retailers offering Sub-Zero appliances, Universal Appliance Kitchen Center is more than just a store offering premium brands; we offer a complete service to help you to find the right appliance to suit the needs of your family and kitchen. So, allow our experienced team members to guide you through the purchase process and negate any UMRP price increases.

If you’re thinking of upgrading to a brand new Sub-Zero Wolf appliance, you can explore your options with this online collection of appliances or speak to a home appliance expert for a more specialized service.