Your laundry room is likely to be the most functional room in your home, but at it’s best, it is an efficient place to complete chores, but often laundry rooms are disorganized and cramped. You may even find that you avoid your laundry room, dreading when you need to go in there to complete a laundry load.  Fortunately, there are lots of ways to revitalize your laundry room to make it not only functional, but an inspiring place to get those annoying tasks done.

Update the Walls

Painting the walls can immediately revitalize a room. If your laundry room has limited natural light or lacks space, consider painting the walls in a lighter color. This will create a more airy feel in the area.

Add Some Countertops

If your laundry room doesn’t already have countertops, now is the ideal time to add some. Countertops not only provide a place to fold laundry, but they can help when sorting or allow you to keep stain remover and other products handy when you’re getting a wash load ready. Remember that you can add a sense of cleanliness and style with your choice of countertops, white quartz is an excellent example for a modern look.

Add Storage

In order for laundry rooms to function well, you’ll need access to lots of everyday items. Many homeowners keep more than laundry detergent in their laundry room. You may have products for spot and stain removal, cleaning products and even hangers for items that can’t be put in the dryer. So, it is vital that you have adequate storage. Open shelves near your washing machine can allow you to have detergent handy, but you may also need cabinets or large storage drawers for all your other laundry room essentials. You may even find baskets are a useful storage item. You can separate your laundry into different baskets, so you’ll know when you have a full load of whites or enough hand wash items to tackle this type of load.

It is a good idea to plan out your storage needs in advance so that you can tailor your storage solutions. For example, you may prefer to have a separate bin for each of your children, so they can collect and fold their own laundry, saving you an annoying task. Remember that if you have small children, it is a good idea to have detergents, and any other potentially toxic materials kept out of reach. So, if you can’t have high storage, consider a lockable cabinet that only adults can access.

Install Hanging Spaces

Your laundry room is more than a place to wash clothes, and it can also be vital for all those post laundry chores. In addition to having countertops for folding, consider installing a hanging rail to dry items or hang up items after drying to minimize ironing. Make sure that you have plenty of hangers on hand, so you can put freshly ironed items straight on a hanger and avoid creasing.

Consider Moisture

Finally, it is inevitable that there will be moisture in your laundry room. All that washing, drying, drip drying, and ironing creates moisture, and if you want to avoid musty smells, you need to think about moisture resistance. Choose moisture resistant materials such as plastic panels and ceramic tiles, but don’t forget about ventilation. Even cracking a window in your laundry room can avoid stuffy smells and unpleasant odors.

If you’re considering upgrading your laundry room, you can explore the options with this online collection of laundry appliances or speak to a home appliance expert for a more specialist service.