If you have ever eaten at a chef’s table, or enjoy watching cooking shows, you may have admired the organization of a professional kitchen. This level of organization can allow the average cook to look like a talented professional, as command of your workspace will make food preparation easier. So, if you want to improve your kitchen prowess, here are some tips for organizing your kitchen like a professional chef.

Eliminate Excess Steps

The first step of organizing your kitchen like the PROS is to eliminate excess steps. Professional chefs set up their workspace to reduce movement during a dinner service. Eliminating the excess steps between your refrigerator, prep area or stovetop and pantry will help you to feel more organized and improve functionality.

Create Stations

In a commercial kitchen, there are different stations for different tasks. Not only are there several cooking stations, but there is a prep area and a dishwashing station. This can be recreated in your kitchen by creating spaces for prep, cooking, cold and dry storage and where you plate food. You may also have a beverage station where you prepare your coffee and a seating area. By designating each area, you can plan what you need and where you need it for a more efficient work area.

Create the Right Flow

Efficient food funnels are the key to a successful professional kitchen. Food is moved from storage to prep to line to the pass. This can be emulated in your own kitchen to create the right flow. Virtually every kitchen is designed around the triangle connecting the sink, range, and refrigerator. This promotes good flow, but it can be enhanced. Facilitate efficient movement by keeping anything not used for cooking outside your cooking triangle, but near where they’re needed. Dishware should be near the table, glasses near the water dispensing refrigerator and cups near your coffeemaker.
Group together the items needed for key processes to enhance the kitchen flow. For example, place your dishwasher on one side of the sink and your trash on the other, so you can scrape, rinse and fill with ease.

Equip All Your Stations

Once the areas of your kitchen have been designated for specific tasks, they will need to be equipped accordingly, so the correct tools are within easy reach. You won’t need knives near your stove; they should be stored with your cutting boards near your prep area. The storage near your stove should be reserved for pots and pans, but remember you will need seasoning within easy reach.

Master Food Storage

The most important aspect of feeling like you have the ingredients you need at your fingertips is proper storage. Proper labeling and stacked storage will help to keep your pantry clean and organized. Stackable plastic containers can be used in your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer so that all your ingredients are easily visible in the least amount of space.

Once you’ve filled your containers, remember to label everything. Although you may think you’ll remember what you’ve put in that plastic tub, after a week in the freezer, it may be difficult to identify. Ensure that all your containers have a label facing out, so you can see at a glance the ingredient you need.

Keep It Clean

Finally, if you want to feel like you’re working like a professional chef, you need to ensure that you keep your kitchen spotless. It can be a real challenge to prepare a gourmet meal if you need to keep moving keys, letters and other detritus off your countertops.

Finding the Right Appliances for Your Kitchen

A modern kitchen isn’t complete without the right appliances. Now that you know how to create a kitchen a professional chef would be proud of, you are in the ideal position to make an informed decision to find the right appliances for your new kitchen. Consider starting your search with this collection of kitchen appliances. For further help, contact a kitchen appliance expert.