Front load washers can offer some impressive advantages over their top loading counterparts. These advanced home appliances allow fine control over the settings, the ability to handle large loads and smartphone-enabled features. Unfortunately, if you are used to a top loading washer, you may not be aware of how to get the best out of your new appliance. So, here are some tips for your new front load washer.

Leave the Door Open

When your load is complete, you should remove the clothing as soon as possible and then leave the door slightly ajar. This promotes air circulation and can help you to avoid mold or mildew problems. Front load washers are prone to developing unpleasant smells as mold can form around a damp door seal. Leaving the door open will allow the seal to dry out and should help to prevent mold. If you do notice an issue starting to develop, don’t ignore it; this can lead to your clothes developing a musty odor. Periodically cleaning the door seal using some mild detergent will keep it odor free, just be sure to dry it using a paper towel to avoid dampness.

Use the Right Detergent

You may not get the best performance from your new front load washer if you use your old brand of detergent. While this may have been sufficient for your old top loader, front loaders require high-efficiency detergent products. Regular detergents create more suds, and this can leave a film of residue on the drum and hoses, promoting mold. This residue may also cause mechanical or electronic damage to your appliance and could potentially void your warranty. Front load washers use less water and therefore, need less detergent. You should only purchase detergent that is high efficiency or labeled “HE” for optimum results. Remember too much soap is not a good thing, so stick to the recommended amounts.

Run the Cleaning Cycle Regularly

Most manufacturers recommend running a cleaning cycle regularly to prevent any potential issues with mildew or mold. You may find that adding a commercial washer cleaning product can keep your appliance smelling fresh and looking clean, but take note of the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Plan for Ultimate Efficiency

A front load washer tends to have a longer wash cycle compared to a top loader. As this type of machine uses less water, it can take longer to get your load clean. Fortunately, the higher spin speed means shorter drying times. So, plan your laundry accordingly. Some appliances have delay timers, so you can have your load end when it is most convenient for you.

No home is complete without a great laundry appliance. The right washing machine can be a fantastic time saver and protect your clothing from damage.

If you’re looking for a new laundry appliance, you can explore the available options with this online collection of laundry appliances or speak to a home appliance expert for further help.