An overcrowded home can feel a little like the “Brady Bunch,” and while it can make a family dinner a real occasion, it can create some problems, particularly when appliance shopping. If you’re the head of a big family, you’re likely to be aware that every inch of your kitchen space is vital and functionality is an even more critical consideration. When you have an expanded family, your kitchen appliances are likely to see heavy use, so you need the best models to meet your demands. So, here we’ll explore how to choose the best home appliances for your big family.

Buy an Oversized or Second Dishwasher

A reliable dishwasher is essential for a big family. Since the average dishwasher only has the capacity to wash up to 8 place settings, you’re likely to find more than one load stacks up after every meal. A standard 24 inch dishwasher can be compact in your kitchen layout, but you may need to think about an oversized model that can accommodate more dishes. If an extra wide dishwasher is not an energy efficient option for your home, you could consider buying a compact model to use as a second dishwasher for those big holiday dinners or any special occasions.

Consider an Upright Freezer

While a chest freezer may be considered essential for a big family, there is an alternative; a modern upright. These models allow you to organize your family favorites more easily. You can even organize your family meals by day or week, so you can prepare a delicious, healthy dinner regardless of the stress of the day. An upright freezer takes up less floor space and means that you won’t need to dig around to find what you’re looking for when you’re busy trying to prepare a meal.

Install Dual Ovens

An oven is a must-have for most families, but a single oven is usually not sufficient for a big family. Dual ovens can help you prepare several dishes at once in portions large enough for the whole family. Many dual oven models also feature large drawers and separate settings, so you can adjust temperatures for different dishes. These types of appliance allow you to cook 3 or 4 foods simultaneously, without missing a beat. This is vital for any mom or dad with a large and hungry family.

Think About a Beverage Fridge

In a busy kitchen, it can cause a real traffic jam when you have family members coming and going to grab a water, soda or juice. When you’re trying to prepare a meal, this can really get in the way and increase your stress levels. To keep the harmony of your kitchen, you can use a beverage fridge stocked with everyone’s favorite drinks. You can have a beverage fridge in a dining area or have it built-in to your cabinetry far enough from the stove and refrigerator, but within easy reach.

Think 6 Burners

When you’re shopping for a new cooktop, don’t stick to a standard 4 burner unit and opt for a larger 6 burner cooktop. If you really want to speed up your cooking and improve the efficiency of your kitchen, consider a six burner induction appliance. Many great chefs use induction, as you can prepare food quickly and evenly; a must for a big family. Induction is also easy to clean and safer to use around small children, as the surround doesn’t get hot. The cooking heat is generated by magnetic energy, so the surface is cool as soon as the pan is removed, avoiding the risk of little fingers getting burned.

If you’re considering new appliances for your big family, you can explore your options with this online collection, or speak to a home appliance expert for a more specialist service.