Garage refrigerators are an excellent way to make use of the space and can be a great convenience. They can also be an excellent resource when space is limited in your kitchen fridge, that might be packed with drinks and snacks, particularly in the summer. So, here are some of the best ways to use your garage refrigerator.

Keeping Meat Cool 

If you’ve been to the grocery store for your weekly supplies, you may end up with more meat than you can fit in your kitchen refrigerator. Meat can be particularly temperature sensitive, so it needs to be kept in a consistently cool environment. Fortunately, you can keep your indoor refrigerator clutter free and keep your meat cool in your garage refrigerator.

Bulk Items

If you tend to buy lots of fruits and vegetables, you may struggle to find space in your indoor refrigerator. You can store these bulk items in your garage fridge and keep your indoor appliance free for only what you’ll need in the next day. This can also apply to other perishable items such as milk and juice.

Party Platters

If your family does a great deal of entertaining, or your home is filled with children, party platters can provide an attractive and delicious snack for everyone to munch on. Large platters can be stored in your garage refrigerator and just brought out at lunchtime or whenever they are needed.

Extra Drinks

Extra sodas and beverages can be easily stored in your garage refrigerator where they can be quickly grabbed as needed. This can be particularly useful if you’re entertaining in the yard. If you’re having a barbecue or pool party and don’t want everyone in and out of your kitchen, you can restock your coolers from the garage instead. A garage refrigerator can also be useful for keeping adult beverages separate from the kid-friendly drinks. If all the adults know their drinks are in the garage, it can save potentially dangerous situations of children getting their hands on alcohol when everyone is busy.

Don’t Forget Your Garage Freezer

Whether your garage refrigerator has a small icebox or a larger freezer compartment, it can still be a vital resource for your household. Your garage freezer can be used to store larger amounts of meat. So, if you are a keen hunter, you may find it useful to keep your meat organized in a garage freezer, so smaller amounts are only brought into the kitchen as and when needed.

Your garage freezer can also be used for bulk meal prep. When you’re having one of those weeks when you don’t have the time to cook, you can pull out a prepared meal from your garage freezer. Bulk cooking tends to be just as easy as making a single meal, so if you’re preparing a casserole, pasta sauce or another dish, double your recipe and keep a family portion in your garage freezer. This means that when you’re busy, you can simply toss a meal in the oven and still enjoy a home cooked dinner.

You can also use your garage freezer to store extra ice. In the warmer months, having plenty of ice on hand is important for entertaining. You won’t need to run to the store if you find you’ve run out, as you just need to pop into the garage.

If you want to ensure that you maximize space in your garage refrigerator, leave plenty of space between the shelves for unusually shaped items. Before summer kicks off, ensure that you clean out the refrigerator and consider calling in an appliance specialist to give it a tune-up and ensure that you can keep everything cool.

If you’re considering purchasing a new refrigerator, you can use this online collection to explore your options or contact a home appliance expert for a specialized service.