Whether you’re an enthusiast or simply enjoy relaxing with a glass in the evening, a wine fridge can add class to any home. For many people, a glass of wine is the nicest way to cool down on a scorching summer day. If your bottles are sitting on a bar card next to your whiskey or scattered in hidden cupboards, you may need to think about getting organized by installing a wine fridge.

A wine fridge not only looks sophisticated, but it can be a great addition to your home even if you only store a handful of bottles. Depending on your geographic location, a wine fridge may be the only stable area for your bottles. A stable temperature is incredibly important when storing wine. So, if you experience drastic changes in temperature or live in a very hot area, you could be compromising the taste and quality of your wine.

Providing Stability

Wine is not only sensitive to light, but also fragile when it comes to humidity and temperature variations. The number one enemy of wine is heat. When wine is stored in an overheated apartment, it is at risk of drying out and will lose much of its delicious flavor. A wine fridge is designed to provide stability for your wine, keeping the bottles at a consistent temperature at optimum storage conditions.

While a typical home refrigerator may be fine for your wine in the short term, it is not a proper long-term solution. Most household refrigerators maintain a temperature of less than 45ºf, which is lower than optimum conditions for wine. Additionally, the lack of moisture inside your refrigerator may cause the corks to dry out. If your corks do dry, it will allow air to enter the bottle and damage the wine.

Choosing a Wine Fridge

Wine fridges are available in all shapes and sizes, making it easier to choose the ideal model for your home, but you will need to assess certain considerations.

The first thing you need to look at is the size and space offered. You’ll need to think about what space you’ll need in the future, rather than just looking at your current wine collection.

You will also need to look at what noise level the model operates. Unless you are planning on putting your wine fridge in your kitchen, noise may be a factor. Many people opt for a wine fridge in their living area, which means a low noise, compact option is preferable.

You will also consider the aesthetics of your new wine fridge. Many homeowners use their wine fridge as a feature, showcasing their collection. If you want your wine fridge to take pride of place in your home, you’ll need to look at whether you want steel or wooden racks and if you would prefer to be able to see your wine bottles. Some models have a solid door that provides maximum light protection, but it is still possible to have tinted glass doors that offer UV resistance.

Final Considerations

Finally, you need to look at whether your new wine fridge offers different temperature zones. This allows you to create optimum temperatures for both your whites and reds. Ideally, your new appliance will also have accurate humidity settings that will enable you to adjust the humidity for optimum conditions. Ideally, to preserve the longevity of your wine, you should fix the humidity levels at between 50 and 70 percent.

If you’re considering a new wine fridge, you can explore your options with this online wine fridge collection. If you need help with further questions or require a more specialized service, be sure to speak to a home appliance expert.