When you start considering which appliances are best for your kitchen, it is very easy to feel a little lost. This is particularly true when you need to figure out the ventilation in your kitchen. While you’re likely to know that a vent will be a great addition to your kitchen, it can get confusing when you discover there is more than one type of vent system. Both downdraft and vent hoods are made to remove smoke, fumes, heat, and steam in your kitchen to keep the air generally quite fresh, but knowing which one is best for your kitchen can be a challenge. So, here we’ll explore both types of vent to help you gain the details needed to make an informed purchase decision.

The Benefits of a Vent Hood

Many types of hood are actually in the category of the vent hood. You may be looking at a kitchen hood, range hood or even an electric kitchen chimney, but they are very similar in design. These types of hood are often paired with a range, but you can see them over a cooktop.

Vent hoods tend to be considerably larger compared to a downdraft hood. This means that they have the power needed to cover a larger area and significantly reduce smoke and steam in your kitchen. Additionally, vent hoods also provide improved kitchen lighting. Most models feature at least one light, so you can easily spotlight where and what you’re cooking. Although they are a larger appliance, they tend to hide in plain sight, so rather than looking bulky, a vent hood can add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

The Downdraft Hood Basics

If you want to install something a little more subtle than a typical vent hood, you should consider a downdraft hood. There are some models of downdraft hood that can be hidden into your kitchen cabinet layout. Some models have a telescopic feature, so they can rise from your cooktop with the touch of a button. This is a high tech option that can work very well at sucking fumes down and out of your kitchen from a duct, but it can also provide a showstopping feature to your kitchen design.

Making Your Purchase Decision

So, how do you make the decision to choose between a downdraft and vent hood? There are a few things to consider before you make your final purchase decision.

  • Do You Need More Storage Space? If you have minimal space or simply need more storage space, then you may prefer a downdraft hood. This will allow you to install cabinets above your cooking area, which would not be possible with a vent hood.
  • Do You Find Cleaning a Chore? If you struggle to manage the cleaning of your kitchen, you may prefer a downdraft vent. These tend to be easier to clean than a large vent hood. When you have a vent hood above your range, you’re likely to find that it may look great, but it extends nearly to the ceiling, and you will need to reach to keep it clean. It is amazing how much dust and other debris can accumulate on kitchen surfaces, so you’ll need to keep a vent hood clean to ensure it continues to look its best.
  • Do You Cook Big Meals? If you tend to cook with big pots and pans, you’re likely to prefer a vent hood. This will have a greater capacity to remove the smoke and steam from your cooking space, compared to a downdraft hood that will be unable to reach the height of your larger pots.

If you’re considering a new hood, you can explore your options with this online vent hood and downdraft hood collection, or for further help, speak to a home appliance expert.