Your laundry space serves as “mission control” for the modern home, and requires the proper layout for maximum efficiency. Depending on your unique needs and the size of your home, it may be a smart idea to raise your laundry appliances above their standard height.

Homeowners typically want to raise the height of their laundry units for one of two reasons. They either want easier access to front load units, or want to stack their appliances to save space. To help you meet these goals, we’ve gathered some information on two beneficial laundry accessories that will allow you to raise your laundry appliances.

Laundry Pedestals

If you like to have your front load washer and dryer side-by-side, but want easier access to your appliances, then you may want to invest in a laundry pedestal.

These useful laundry accessories can be placed below a washer or dryer to raise the height of the appliance. The additional height is ideal for front load laundry units, which offer quality washing and drying functions, but force you to bend down to load and unload the machine. Thanks to a laundry pedestal, you won’t have to bend down nearly as far. Moreover, many pedestals feature a spacious storage drawer designed to hold laundry essentials like detergent, bleach, fabric softener and more.

An effective laundry pedestal will give your laundry units the boost of height you need while helping your laundry space stay organized. It’s worth remembering, however, that these add-ons are not designed to help you save a significant amount of space in the laundry room.

Laundry Stack Kits

Should saving space be your top priority, you’ll definitely want to consider purchasing a laundry stack kit.

Stack kits are metal brackets sold separately from you laundry units that allow you to place your dryer on top of your washer, creating additional floor space in your laundry room for other cleaning tools or appliances. The vertical orientation provided by a stack kit can also help you install laundry machines in areas other than a laundry room, like inside a closet or alongside appliances in your kitchen.

While these units do not offer the built-in storage possibilities of a laundry pedestal, they will still help you raise your laundry units to a comfortable height that actually saves you space. Should you choose to invest in a stack kit, you need to check the model numbers on your washer and dryer to ensure you purchase a compatible kit.

High Quality Laundry Accessories for Every Home

Every home requires a different layout for its laundry appliances, and there are a host of helpful laundry accessories that are sure to satisfy your needs. If you want to raise the height of your unit’s and promote exceptional organization, laundry pedestals are a great investment. Meanwhile, should you need extra height for space-saving purposes, you’ll definitely want to invest in a laundry stack kit.

Are you looking for a new laundry pedestal or stack kit? Explore your options using this online collection of laundry accessories, or contact a home appliance expert for specialized service.