The modern home is filled with a vast array of convenient and technologically advanced appliances, providing an impressive level of comfort for you and your family. Though homeowners typically focus their energy on interior spaces, the contemporary living space extends to the outdoors, with its own array of appliances available to meet all of your needs.

For your home to truly shine, you should consider building your own outdoor living space. To help you get started, Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is here with guidance on the must-have appliances for your modern outdoor living space.

Begin With An Outdoor Barbeque Grill

 A barbeque grill will allow you to create a host of delicious dishes for friends, family, and loved ones while surrounded by the comfort of the great outdoors. For many, the barbeque is the focal point of the outdoor living space. Therefore, you should begin your process by finding the ideal barbeque for your home.

Barbeque grills come in a variety of styles, though the most important factors are the fuel source and design. For a luxurious feel, consider investing in a built-in grill. These units are installed in outdoor cabinetry or in an outdoor island, creating an integrated feel across any outdoor cooking space. Meanwhile, freestanding grills allow for more flexibility, as they can be transported and setup almost anywhere.

Barbeques feature three common heat sources: charcoal, natural gas, and liquid propane. Charcoal barbeques use lit charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal as a heat source, providing the “low and slow” heat used in traditional barbequing. In contrast, natural gas grills hook up to your home’s gas line for fuel, while liquid propane grills use their own propane tanks for fuel. These designs heat up fast, and are best suited for grilled offerings like steak, chicken, and more. Consider the types of foods you enjoy cooking, as well as the available heat sources in your home, as you research appropriate options.

Promote Ventilation With An Outdoor Range Hood

The outdoor living space is an area built for comfort and relaxation. You don’t want it filled up with the smoky air created when using your barbeque grill. If you’re concerned about ventilation, or have an outdoor cooking space in close proximity to your house, you’ll definitely want to add an outdoor range hood.

Just like your kitchen’s range hood, an outdoor range hood promotes ventilation by sucking up smoke, airborne grease, and other irritants and filtering it out of your space. This is especially important if your grilling station is near your home or underneath a patio, as a hood will filter the airborne waste that could damage your home’s exterior.

Add An Outdoor Refrigerator

 Today’s outdoor living spaces bring all the convenience of your home’s interior to the exterior. For an extra level of luxury, you should add an outdoor refrigerator to your space.

Outdoor refrigerators come in built-in models that can be added to outdoor cabinets, as well as freestanding models that can be setup wherever a power source is available. These units are ideal if you enjoy having events and gatherings at your home, as they keep beverages and fresh foods ice cold for all of your guests.

While an all-purpose outdoor refrigerator is a great choice, you can also invest in specialty models like beverage centers, wine coolers, and more. Be sure to consider your specific needs before investing in an outdoor refrigerator.

 Create The Outdoor Living Space Of Your Dreams

An exceptional outdoor living space allows your home’s beauty to transcend the limitations of the indoors, bringing comfort and class to every piece of your property. Building an outdoor living space can be a challenge, but with the right appliances, you’ll be able to assemble a truly impressive array of features that add an unparalleled level of comfort to your home.

For innovative solutions to your outdoor living space needs, check out this extensive collection of outdoor living appliances.