When you begin refrigerator shopping, you may be surprised at the variety of available designs. Many manufacturers have expanded their product lines from just the traditional top mounted model. Bottom mount refrigerators are becoming increasingly popular, so here we’ll explore whether this type of refrigerator would be a good option for your home.

Understanding the Different Refrigerator Configurations:

Before we can delve into the benefits of a bottom mount refrigerator, it is important to understand the different configurations. The most common include:

  • Top Mount: This is the traditional configuration for domestic refrigerator units. The refrigerator portion is mounted at the bottom with the freezer section above.
  • Bottom Mount: This is the reverse of a top mount, with a freezer at the bottom and the refrigerator above.
  • Side by Side: This refrigerator is a two door style with the fridge and freezer side by side. Traditionally, the refrigerator section is on the right, but this is not always the case.
  • French Door: This has a refrigerator with two doors opening from the middle and a freezer section underneath with a sliding door. It is considered a more high end design that is becoming increasingly popular in American homes.

Each of these designs has its own pros and cons, which can impact which one to choose in your kitchen. It is important to familiarize yourself with the different designs and both the benefits and potential drawbacks to make an informed purchase decision.

The Benefits of Bottom Mount Refrigerators:

With such a variety of options, you may wonder why a bottom mount refrigerator may appeal, but this type of refrigerator has a number of interesting benefits.

  • Easy Reach: Unless you use your freezer far more than your refrigerator, you’ll appreciate a top mount refrigerator. Most people find that the reverse is true and they need access to their refrigerator more. This means that if you have a bottom mount appliance, you won’t need to bend down to reach items, particularly fruits and vegetables in the crisper drawers at the bottom of the refrigerator. Since it is easier to reach, you can arrange your refrigerator for maximum efficiency, while placing more frequently used freezer items in the top drawer.
  • Space for Larger Items: The side by side appliance configuration can be limited for the size of the items you’re cooling, since each side only has part of the overall width. When you have a freezer on the bottom, you can accommodate larger items in both the refrigerator and freezer, since you have access to the full width of the appliance. Many bottom mount refrigerators also have adjustable shelves, so you can configure them to suit the size of your chilled items.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency: Older style refrigerators with the freezer above the chilled section are slightly less efficient than a bottom mount unit. Since warm air rises, warmer refrigerator air rises into the freezer area, so the appliance needs to work a little harder to maintain the optimal freezer temperature. When the freezer is mounted at the bottom, the warmer refrigerator simply rises up towards the ceiling, so it cannot compromise the freezer temperature.
  • Lower Initial Cost: While top mount refrigerators are typically the least expensive type of model, bottom mount are only slightly more costly. This means that they have a lower initial cost compared to French door or side by side appliances.

If you’re in need of a new refrigerator, you can explore your options with our online refrigerator collection. Our home appliance experts are also available to answer any queries or provide further assistance to help you make your purchase decision.