After buying a new oven, many consumers immediately toss the manual in a drawer or worse yet the trash, but this can be a big mistake. Although that thick instruction guide may seem daunting, it is the best way to learn about the enhanced technology and innovative features on your shiny new appliance. Here is just some of the important help you can obtain from your new oven manual.

Those Complicated Looking Settings

In the past, ovens were limited to simply baking or broiling, but these days they can be far more complex. This means that you will need some help to make the best use of the more complicated looking settings. Some oven models have a slow cook, steam bake and roast setting along with baking and broiling. Your oven manual will detail the situations where a setting is most appropriate.

“Burning In” Your Oven

Ovens tend to give off an odd smell when they are first used, and this means that the appliance needs to go through a “burning in” process before it is used. This technique is recommended in some oven manuals and involves letting the oven cook empty for approximately an hour to burn off debris that could have been left during manufacturing or packing. Your oven manual will detail whether burning in is necessary and how you should complete the process to properly burn off any residue.

Proper Rack Positioning

Proper rack positioning is vital for even cooking as it affects how well the hot air can circulate around your dish. Your oven manual should detail the number of rack levels and recommendations for positions to be used for a variety of scenarios. For example, the rack positioning for roasting a large piece of meat will differ from when you are baking a cake.

Adjusting Factory Settings

Some models of oven allow you to customize the settings to make it tailored to your specific preferences. Whether you want to set the clock to military time, stop the dings or adjust the display light, you will need your manual to adjust these settings.

Open or Closed Door Broiling

Whether you have a traditional electric single oven or an electric double oven, your broiler is located at the top of the oven cavity and applies direct heat to your food. This is a fantastic tool for toasting bread or creating grill like char to your meat dishes, but lots of heat can cause lots of smoke. Some manufacturers recommend leaving the oven door slightly open when broiling, while others state the door should be closed. This will vary from model to model, so you will need to check your manual for the correct procedure.

Cleaning Information

Whether you have a wall oven, steam oven or even an oven/microwave combo, you need to know how to clean it properly to maintain the aesthetics and functionality. Your manual will contain a care guide with user instructions for keeping your new appliance showroom fresh. The last thing you want is to spill a sugary liquid and be unsure how to remove it before it causes pits on the surface.

Find the Right Oven Today

No kitchen is complete without a great oven. With some basic knowledge about what can be found in the appliance manual, you’re in an ideal position to make an informed decision. If you’re ready to find the best oven for your kitchen, consider starting the search with this online collection of ovens. For additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact a home appliance expert.