Food waste is a serious issue, and most instances can be avoided with proper fridge management. Unfortunately, many people struggle to organize their refrigerators. So, here we’ll explore some tips and tricks to not only help you to keep track of your foods, but also keep your foods fresher for longer.

Keep the Right Foods in the Door

The first place to start organizing is the door. While many people use the door for quick reach items such as milk and juice, this can be a mistake. The door of your refrigerator is usually the warmest place inside your fridge, particularly if the door is opened and closed a lot in your home. This means that you should avoid putting temperature sensitive items such as milk or dairy it the door as they are more likely to spoil.

Instead, reserve the spots in the door for condiments, soft drinks, and other items that can cope with the temperature fluctuations.

Read Your Appliance Manual

Many people throw the appliance manual in a drawer and never look at it again after it has been installed. This is a massive mistake, as every appliance model is different. Your manual will detail the manufacturer’s recommendations and the features that can help you make the best use of your new refrigerator. This could include egg containers, dairy enclosures, crisper drawers, and other things that will make a noticeable improvement in the performance of your appliance and the lifespan of your foods.

Manufacturers design the best storage options for specific foods, with the optimal temperatures for the compartments, so you need to check the manual to take full advantage of these features.

Know Your Cold Spots

The temperature can vary in different areas of your refrigerator. If you have an older model, the area around the lights tends to be warmer than the rest of the shelf. So, it is important to know where the coldest areas of your refrigerator are. This will allow you to put the most temperature sensitive foods, such as milk, dairy, and meat in the coldest area.

Block Your Shelves

Many of us struggle to find items in a full refrigerator, but it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad housekeeper, you just have the wrong organizational system. Try implementing the block system, which is used by retailers around the world. This will not only help your refrigerator to look highly appealing, but it will help you to keep on top of your ingredients, so nothing gets forgotten and expires. Blocking your shelves involves putting smaller foods and containers at the front and keep a space at the back for your taller items.


Many of us want to get our groceries put away as quickly as possible when we return from the store. Unfortunately, this often leads to putting all of the newer items at the front, and older items are pushed to the back. Although you may have good intentions to hunt around for the older items when you’re making dinner or looking for a snack, it is almost inevitable that some items will be left to expire.

So, it is essential to rotate all of your items. This involves pulling older items to the front and placing your newly bought items towards the back.

Fill Your Freezer and Conserve Energy

Finally, you can boost the efficiency of your refrigerator by ensuring the freezer compartment is full. If you have leftovers, you may not eat in the next few days, put them in a freezer safe container and stick it in the freezer. This will not only save energy, but also reduce your food waste.

If your refrigerator is still struggling to maintain the optimum temperature for your items, even after you’ve reorganized, it may be time to look for a new appliance. You can explore the options with our online collection or consult one of our appliance experts for further help and guidance.