Speed ovens are becoming increasingly popular as they are designed to be able to cook meals faster than you can when using a traditional full size ovens. Essentially, a speed oven offers a combination of microwaving and baking, and since they run on electricity, they are compatible with almost every kitchen. If you’re still unsure about whether a speed oven has a place in your kitchen, here we’ll explore some of the great features you can expect from these amazing appliances.

The Speed Oven Basics:

As we’ve just mentioned, speed ovens provide a combination of microwaving and baking, but they are also highly flexible appliances. There are speed oven models available in 24”, 27” and 30” widths to enable you to accommodate one into your kitchen regardless of whether you have a compact space or a large area. There are also combination wall models that feature speed ovens alongside a wall oven, which allows twice the baking space without needing to upgrade to a double wall oven.

However, the overall interior space of a speed oven tends to be slightly smaller than a countertop microwave. You can expect one to two cubic feet of capacity, but these small appliances do pack a punch.


All models of speed ovens are equipped with a convection baking mode. This can be used to provide better results when baking proteins, pizzas and desserts. If you’ve used an air fryer before, you are likely to be familiar with convection technology. Essentially, the heated air moves around inside the oven to provide more consistent, even cooking temperatures.

Pre Set Cooking Modes:

While you may be an old hand at cooking your favorite dishes, it can be very handy when your oven knows how long is needed to cook certain foods and the optimum cooking temperature. Most speed ovens feature pre set cooking modes, so you don’t even need to think about these settings when you’re preparing a dish. You can simply press a button for the appropriate selection and let the oven do all the thinking for you.

Cooking Sensors:

Speed ovens typically feature sensor cooking technology. This can improve the quality of your dishes as the ambient temperature and  moisture levels are monitored. With sensor technology, foods have a higher quality finish compared to microwave heating alone.

Grill Functions:

Premium speed ovens may also have a grill function. Although this is not grilling with fire, there are select models that can offer results that can match the output of even a special pizza oven. This provides even greater flexibility as you can use the speed oven to prepare dishes that require high temperatures of direct heat for crispy, golden goodness.

Multi Tier Cooking:

Although speed ovens do tend to be on the small side, there are models that can accommodate a baking rack. This allows you to cook multiple items simultaneously. While this is not the flashiest of appliance features, it can be handy to save time, especially if you’re preparing a family dinner.

WiFi Compatibility:

Smart technology has made it even easier to manage your kitchen and this technology is incorporated into many speed oven models to take your culinary skills to a whole new level. You can pair your speed oven with a smart device, so you can program the appliance and monitor your dish without even needing to step foot into the kitchen.

If you’re considering a speed oven, you can explore your options with our online speed oven collection or speak to one of our home appliance specialists for further guidance to help you find the ideal appliance for your home.