These days it can seem like you can buy anything on the internet. This convenience means that you can shop at any time of the day or night (in your pajamas) without the need of ever getting dressed. This convenience can be tempting, but it comes at a price (like the surprise of not getting exactly what you thought you would or hoped for).

When considering a major purchase, such as a home appliance, there are several reasons why it’s still a good idea to touch and feel what you are spending your money on while visiting a showroom.

Check for Color Variations

While most sites provide descriptions and photographs, even the best websites may struggle to show the subtle color variations of appliances. Depending on the photograph, lighting or even the pigment on your mobile device or computer, the hue of an appliance could appear very different compared to real life. Even the arguably most basic white appliance can have a myriad of color variations from cotton to cream. This means that your new appliance may look very different from the others already in place in your kitchen. When you visit a showroom, you can view the exact color and look of each model to determine which will best suit your home decor.

Assess Functionality

If you’re very familiar with kitchen appliances, a comprehensive description may be sufficient to make your purchase decision. For many consumers, however, it can be 7 to 12 years between appliance purchases, so you may lack confidence evaluating new features. If you are upgrading to a new appliance anyway, it’s a good opportunity to invest in new features and improved energy efficiency. A visit to a showroom will allow you to assess the overall functionality of an appliance, from the basic ease of loading and unloading to checking the more complex new computerized features. If you are unsure about whether you really need more advanced functionalities, the sales staff at a showroom should be able to help explain why they are advantageous, so you will have all the details you need to make an informed and intelligent purchasing decision.

Feel the Texture

Regardless of how well written and detailed an item description is, online ordering does not allow you to feel an appliance and check the texture. Some metals can feel thinner creating a more flimsy (cheap) feeling to an appliance, while other materials feel more substantial (expensive). There is nothing more reassuring than opening an appliance door and feeling it shut solidly to know that it is the right feel for your home – just like a car door to a fine automobile. Being able to feel the texture of an appliance can offer you the quality assurance you need so you know it’s the right model for your kitchen. An appliance showroom allows you to “test drive” a variety of models to help you determine which is the right fit for you.

Have Your Questions Answered

While many websites may have a “contact us” feature or even live chat, these cannot compare to the in-person expertise of a trained appliance sales specialist right in front of you. When you visit a showroom, you will have the attention of an appliance PRO, so you can have all your questions answered in real time. Whether you want to know which appliance would offer you the best energy efficiency or if there are new features that would benefit your home or personal lifestyle, an appliance specialist can talk you through all the feature and modalities to help you make the RIGHT purchase decision.

Visiting an appliance showroom can help you decide on style, size, and model

Buying a new appliance can be a little daunting, but speaking to knowledgeable, manufacturer trained staff, while seeing the models for yourself, can help you make that all-important decision with more confidence and less doubt.

If you are considering a new appliance, you can explore your options with this collection of home appliances. You can also speak to a home appliance expert for additional help and obtain a more specialized, curated service.