No kitchen is complete without an oven, and while the kitchens of the past featured traditional wall ovens, today’s cooking appliance options bring a bevy of advanced capabilities to your home. If healthy and convenient cooking are your top priorities, you may want to add a steam oven to your kitchen design.

Steam ovens push steam from a heated water tank into the oven in order to cook food, forgoing the traditional hot air used in common convection ovens. This makes them ideal for cooking vegetables and fish as well as desserts like soufflés, puddings and crème brulee, allowing you to prepare such items quickly and efficiently. But does your kitchen actually need a steam oven? To help you decide, we’re providing a helpful overview of these advanced modern ovens.

Different Types Of Steam Ovens

There are three primary types of steam ovens, each bringing a set of unique features to your kitchen. First, there are steam-only ovens. These “pure” steam ovens exclusively offer steam-cooking functionality, which is great for a host of dishes though ill suited for browning meat.

The second common type of steam oven is the combination steam oven, also known as the combi-steam oven. These units offer steam cooking features as well as traditional convection oven capabilities, offering the powerful heat required for standard baking and broiling in addition to steam functions.

The third option is a convection oven with added steam moisture features. When reviewing appliance options, you may see this feature referred to as “steam assist.” The steam-cooking features in these units are minimal compared to other options, and typically include an injection of steam into the oven at regular intervals during the oven cycle to promote optimal cooking. This can help certain dishes remain moist while in the oven, though it will not be suitable to fully cook ingredients.

Benefits of a Steam Oven

There are a host of benefits to owning a steam oven. The biggest advantage to these ovens is their healthy cooking techniques. Overall, cooking with steam is a healthier alternative than baking or frying. Moreover, steam cooking brings out the natural colors, flavors and textures of a dish without reducing nutritional value. This means you won’t have to drown your dishes in expensive spices or unhealthy oil in order to make them taste great.

Best of all, steam ovens ensure that your dishes do not dry out while in the oven. This ensures that chicken stays juicy, veggies remain succulent and pastries come out flaky. You can even cook rice in a steam oven — something you would never consider in a traditional convection oven.

Find The Best Steam Oven For Your Kitchen Today

Today’s kitchens deserve modern appliances, and you certainly don’t have to limit yourself to the old convection ovens of the past. Steam ovens offer unique steam-cooking capabilities to the kitchen, allowing you to prepare a host of delicious dishes in a healthy fashion. With a variety of designs available on the market, there’s little doubt that you’ll find the perfect steam oven for your home.

You can explore a wealth of great choices using this online collection of steam ovens. For additional assistance, be sure to contact a kitchen appliance professional.