Many people believe that the only oven choices available to them are: standard, convection, and microwave. But, now many of the best know oven manufacturers are making steam ovens, and these products are becoming a popular alternative. In this article, we will explain what a steam oven is and some of the advantages of using one in your kitchen.

How is a Steam Oven Different?

If you’re unfamiliar with a steam oven, it may seem like a term that would be used purely for marketing purposes. But, a steam oven is actually quite different from a standard or convection oven. Essentially, these types of oven heat up water inside the oven to create a hot steam space where the food is cooked. A cheaper steam oven may achieve this by the manual filling of a water tray or trough that is then placed inside the oven. A premium steam oven will be connected to its own water line, much like an ice maker in your refrigerator. The steam tray is connected to a water valve that fills the oven when you want to use it for cooking. Much like a regular oven, a steam oven can have a number of extra options to make your life even easier, such as broiling, browning, and traditional convention functionality. This allows the user to customize their steam oven to meet their own needs.

Making Better Tasting and Healthier Food

Many people are more health conscious these days, and they are searching for a healthier way to cook their food. Health experts are constantly feeding us a variety of information on the best ways to cook our food. But, in many cases, these cooking processes can make our food bland and tasteless. One of the best things about a steam oven is that it cooks the food and maintains the nutrients without compromising on taste.

Steaming food is regarded as one of the healthiest cooking methods, but it can be hard to achieve without a great deal of hassle and specialized pans or appliances. When many people cook, they add a lot of fat to their meals, such as butter, oils, and dressings. In most cases, this is done to make the food moist and to improve the overall taste. This is because traditional cooking methods often dry out the food as it cooks, and this can degrade the natural flavors.

When you cook with a steam oven, the food is cooked entirely withing a moist environment so it cannot dry out. This reduces the reliance on those added fats, and this naturally lowers the intake of bad cholesterol and calories. So, the food is healthier, you feel better, and the food is far tastier.

Improving Cooking Efficiency

For years we have heard about the efficiency of convection ovens compared to standard models. A convection oven can cook a dish in a fraction of the time, and this saves money on energy bills. But, a steam oven cooks meals even faster. As an example: a chicken can be cooked in around 20 minutes, and then a browning function can be used to get that roasted finish.

Cooking Delicate Foods

If you enjoy baking or cooking more delicate foods, a steam oven may be just what you’re looking for. These types of ovens can cook a more delicate dish to absolute perfection without the associated drying that can ruin breads, pastries, and croissants.

If you’re interested in a steam oven for your kitchen, you can explore your options with our online collection. If you need further help or guidance, speak to our home appliance experts.