Whether you’re planning for an event or celebration at your home or you simply couldn’t pass up some bargains at the grocery store, a lack of freezer space can be extremely frustrating. Most of us lack the space to add another full-size freezer to our kitchens, but this is where an undercounter freezer could offer an ideal solution. In this article we’ll discuss this appliance in more detail to help you make an informed purchase decision.

The Undercounter Freezer Basics:

While many undercounter freezers look like mini fridges, they are completely different appliances. Although they share the same space friendly aesthetic, allowing them to fit in outdoor kitchens, pantry bars and kitchen islands, they have a interior that is fully a freezer.

There are two main options for undercounter freezer designs. The first has a side swing door, while the other is panel ready, so you can blend it into your existing kitchen cabinetry. Both types typically feature freezer drawers that pull out to provide several freezer storage compartments, with an average of five to seven cubic feet of space.

The Benefits of an Undercounter Freezer:

There are a number of reasons to choose an undercounter freezer for your kitchen. These include:

  • Space saving: While you may have considered purchasing a secondary refrigerator for your patio or garage, these appliances tend to take up a lot of space. On the other hand, you can install an undercounter freezer directly into your cabinetry, providing usable floor space that is free for whatever you need it.
  • Bulk item storage solution: In these tough economic times, it can be difficult to pass up a great deal on sale just because you don’t have a way to store the items. For this reason, an undercounter freezer can provide a convenient solution. The extra freezer space will allow you to stock up on money saving deals when you see offers on your regular frozen items.
  • Better Efficiency: If you need additional freezer space, your first impulse may be to purchase a chest freezer, but these are notoriously inefficient. The typical undercounter freezer works solely as an ice box, which means that the compressor does not need to work especially hard to keep everything frozen.

The Downsides of Undercounter Freezers:

  • The Cost: Despite the smaller form factor, many undercounter freezer models carry a similar price tag to their full size counterparts. Many brands have a typical lifespan of 10 to 20 years, which can lessen the financial blow, but you will need to carefully consider the cost.
  • Limited Size: Since these models are designed to fit under a counter, they do not offer a massive amount of freezer space. While there are some models that offer more than seven cubic feet of space, this is the typical maximum.
  • Accessibility Issues: While most people won’t have any great difficulty accessing the drawers inside an undercounter freezer, if you do have mobility issues, it can cause some problems. You will need to be able to bend almost to the floor, particularly if you want to access the bottom freezer drawer.


An undercounter freezer can be a great way to add freezer space to your kitchen, bar, or patio. It can offer valuable freezer capacity in addition to your main refrigerator freezer compartment. If your priority is having more freezer space and don’t particularly need additional refrigerator storage, an undercounter freezer could be a viable alternative to purchasing another full size kitchen appliance.

If you’re considering a new freezer, you can explore your options with our online freezer collection. Alternatively, if you need additional guidance, be sure to speak to one of our home appliance specialists, who would be delighted to help.