The concept of tiny living has taken the world by storm, and more people are aspiring to downsize their lives. Tiny living is both economically beneficially and eco-friendly, but it can be difficult to find great appliances for a tiny home. So, here we will explore some of the best cooking appliances that are great for tiny living.

The Tiny Living Phenomenon

Tiny houses have been shown to be far more environmentally friendly compared to a standard home. The average tiny home occupies just 186 square feet compared to the average standard home in the U.S with a 2,598 square foot area. Tiny houses also use only 6 light bulbs compared to an average of 45 in a standard home.
What is even more compelling is that 18% of greenhouse gases can be traced to residential houses. The average home needs approximately 28,000 pounds of CO2 annually, while a tiny house needs only 2,000 pounds.

Those choosing to adopt the tiny living lifestyle can appreciate the value of smaller living. Most tiny homeowners don’t have a mortgage and typically have more savings compared to an average American. It costs an impressive 10 times less in order to build a tiny house, and they are designed to be DIY friendly. While you will be able to enjoy a greener lifestyle, you will be faced with the decision of using grid electricity or running your appliances on propane, which can make the prospect of finding the right appliances even more challenging. When you start looking for cooking appliances, you’ll need to really consider how often you’ll cook and how many people you’ll be cooking for to make the right choice.


Avanti is a good brand for tiny homes as they specialize in offering compact appliances. The brand even offers complete compact kitchens designed to provide a fridge, electric heating elements, a storage drawer and a sink in the space needed for a standard range.

Avanti has a great selection of small sized appliances with freestanding ranges in both gas and electric. You can even create a more upscale aesthetic with some modern looking models to create a sophisticated look to your new tiny kitchen.


If you prefer to go for a small-scale version of a tradition range, there are some great options. Fagor and Fisher & Paykel both offer some excellent dual fuel options that are just 24”. These ranges provide warming drawers, 4 burners, and a 2 cu. Ft. oven with neat features like a self-clean mode. Some models even provide convection ovens and variable BTU burners, so you can create a culinary hub in your tiny house.


If you’re not a serious foodie or keen chef, you may prefer to opt for a cooktop. There are plenty of options available for the space conscious. You can choose a 2 or 4 burner model in both electric or gas. You’ll need to ask yourself whether you plan to cook full meals or eat out more. If all you need it to heat a pan of soup, a 2 burner cooktop will take up next to no space and suit your requirements.

Electric cooktops are easy to clean, but gas offers excellent heat control and reliability. Either option will provide a quality appliance as the industry continues to advance rapidly. Some brands now offer induction technology in smaller models that provide fantastic efficiency, easy cleaning and fast cooking, making them ideal for a smaller home.

A tiny home is a test of creativity as you’ll need to think about multiple uses to fit your aesthetic. Before you start shopping for your appliance, you will need to seriously consider your daily habits, lifestyle, and dietary habits. If you are considering tiny living, you can explore the cooking options with this online collection of small cooking appliances. For further help or advice, you can also speak to a home appliance expert.