When you’re designing or upgrading your kitchen, it can be tricky to integrate your microwave oven. We have come to rely on our microwave ovens because they fulfill a unique role in our kitchens. But, they can be bulky, they take up a lot of countertop real estate, and they can be tricky to store and move around easily. So, is it possible to integrate the microwave oven in some way and take back that valuable space for other purposes? The short answer is yes, and we will show you three clever ways to integrate your microwave oven in your new kitchen design.

What Type of Microwave Oven do You Have?

Before we look at the three available options, it’s important to know what kind of microwave you have or you’re thinking of buying. A smaller countertop model can be housed up on a shelf or kept on a counter without taking up too much space. But, if you want to keep those areas clear, you may want to look at a unit that can be wall mounted. Some people now install their microwaves in a drawer unit that can be placed at any desired height, and this is a great option if you have a smaller kitchen. The final options is an over the range microwave that can share the light and ventilation of the oven and range located below. When you choose a new microwave, consider where you want to place it first, consider the dimensions, and you can narrow your suitable choices.

3 Microwave Integration Options

  1. A Microwave Drawer

We’ve already mentioned that a microwave oven in a drawer unit is a great space saver. But, there are other good reasons to integrate your microwave in this manner. If you’re going for an ultra-modern sleek kitchen, aesthetic drawer storage units are certainly the way to go. The microwave can be placed in a drawer below the countertop, or you could install it in a center island. The microwave can be placed inside a cabinet with a front sliding door that’s the same design and color as the surrounding cabinetry. This is a very minimal and tasteful way to store your microwave, and yet it’s still easy to access and use. This is a great way to free up your countertops for cooking prep and plating up meals.

  1. Wall Mounted Microwave

Perhaps you have some extra wall space form a closet or garage where you could recess a microwave oven into a wall opening. This is another clean solution, and it certainly makes the best use of the available space in your kitchen. When your microwave is mounted in the wall, you have a convenient appliance that doesn’t protrude into the kitchen. This is a solution where you can see the microwave door and panel, but it doesn’t look unsightly. If you trim the mounting area with a matching paint trim, you can easily blend the area into the rest of your kitchen.

  1. A Cut-out in Cabinetry

If you build a cut-out in a convenient cabinet for your microwave oven, you can make it look like it belongs in that location. If the microwave is a snug fit, this looks even better, but you can get trim kits from certain manufacturers that could be helpful. Use the trim kits to fill in any gaps if you want that uniform and seamless appearance.

Any of these three options will allow you to access, use, and clean your microwave without any problems.

If you’re considering upgrading your microwave, you can explore your options with this online collection or speak to a member of our team for additional guidance.