Let’s face it, Covid-19 has changed the working landscape significantly, and many of us have been forced to work from home. This has created a great deal of uncertainty and tension, and it can be hard to separate work from home life. Working remotely can mean that you need to deal with a lot of distractions that are simply not an issue when you’re at the office. When you need to focus on your work and have a meaningful home life, it’s important to get the balance right. One of the ways that you can improve your home working experience is to invest in smart kitchen appliances. These can improve the efficiency of the kitchen and free up more time for work or family related activities. Here are three smart kitchen appliances that are real game changers when it comes to surviving and even thriving during this pandemic.

  1. Voice Activated Smart Appliances

One of the best ways to improve efficiency is to master the art of multitasking. When you’re working from home, every minute counts, and sometimes it can seem impossible to manage everything. But, voice activated appliances can really help to lighten the load in many ways. Imagine if you’re trying to meet a deadline, the kitchen is smoky during cooking, and you can simply tell the over-the-range hood to speed up the fan. This may seem like a fairly insignificant event in isolation, but if you have multiple kitchen appliances that work in this way it can save a lot of time.

  1. A Smart Refrigerator

When you have a refrigerator with smart features, it will make your food storage more efficient and allow you to focus your attention on work and family time. The best modern smart fridges have a large display located on the right hand door. This is the point of reference that allows you to see the food you have stored. But, the screen is also a useful place to write notes and refer to a schedule to help you stay on top of your work and other tasks. When you’re carrying out food prep, the smart refrigerator can even stream some of your favorite music to make the task more enjoyable. A smart refrigerator can be a handy resource when it comes to planning your shopping trips. This minimizes the time spent at the store and gives you more spare time to spend with your family.

  1. Remotely Preheated Oven

Many of us have kids taking classes from home, and we’re busy working to meet deadlines ourselves. This can make it harder to provide a home cooked meal when people are hungry. Spending time producing hot home cooked meals may involve preheating the oven, and breaking off from work is an unwanted distraction. If you have a smart range, this is no longer a problem because you can preheat the oven with your smartphone. It’s easy to control the temperatures and timings remotely, which gives you more time to finish that project before dinner. Making a home cooked meal is important because it’s also a way to bond with the family, and it can be a morale boost if people are feeling down during a lockdown.

As you can see, there are many ways that smart technology can help us in our kitchens. This can be especially useful during a global pandemic when we need to make the most of our time at home. Anything that we can do to make our home life more productive and relaxing at this time is worth considering carefully. Each of the smart kitchen solutions we’ve mentioned here may seem trivial. But, when you use these three and other smart kitchen appliances together, it can make a real difference.

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